Monday, May 3, 2010

Get free stuff online

I have been using Swagbucks and within two months of searching and watching videos, I have earned 25 dollars in amazon gift cards! I am a stay at home mom, and wanted a little extra cash, and this has been amazing!!
It is absolutely free to sign up, and it is the real deal!

I will tell you how to sign up, how to get more swag bucks, how to find swag codes, and much more.

1. How it works- first you must sign up!
Search & Win

2. You use Swagbucks search- it works just like google or yahoo! Not every search will win, but several a day will.

3. What you can win you may ask? My favorite are amazon gift cards, but there are all sorts of other gift cards, video games, electronics, all you could ask for- all purchased with your swagbucks.

3. Search for swagcodes. They are free swag bucks-- if you use the Widget, like shown here, it will let you know if there is an active code.

4. You can also do special offers if there are prizes that you want. I personally like to watch the videos which you can find on the swagbucks homepage under special offers banner, and there are also some on wall one. Most others are free- signing up for newsletters, or game sites, others you can get for signing up for netflics and if it is something you will do anyways, why not get extra points.

5. Shop and earn! If you shop online, this is an extra bonus if you use their site, they offer special coupons, and even better for every dollar you spend, you get 2 swagbucks! Not every online store is there, but there are LOTS!

6. Tell your friends!! If they sign up with your link, what they earn on searches, you get the same!!!

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  1. I wish I could join. But this is not available for my country :)


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