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Review: Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel

Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel

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"ELOWYN EDEN AND Kassey Messechek are best friends. They share every aspect of their lives. And although Elowyn turns sixteen before Kassey, when she receives a brand-new car from her parents, the first thing she does is give an extra set of keys to Kassey—a symbolic confirmation of their true friendship.

But one thing Elowyn has not yet shared with Kassey is that she’s checked the organ donor box on her newly acquired license. Kassey learns of this in a shocking and devastating way—when Elowyn’s life-giving donor wish is about to be honored. Arabeth St. Clair has not had the luck to have a best friend. She’s led a sheltered life due to a diseased heart. When she and her mother receive the call that will change their lives, things go well at the hospital but they wonder about and re unaware of to whom it is they should be forever grateful.

When the worlds of these three girls and their families intersect, lives are changed in ways never before imagined."

**My rating: 5/5**

*My short but sweet review*

I love all things Lurlene McDaniel, so it was no surprise that I enjoyed this story. It was not quite as much of a tear jerker as some of her stories have been, but it still presents teens facing difficult and life changing events. The concept of cell memory is really bizarre to me, and it makes for an awesome story line-- in fact, I just finished a similar book- Cold hands, warm heart.

I would recommend this to fans of McDaniels other works, My sister's keeper, or  if you read about illness, death, or tear jerkers.

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  1. I havent read this one but from the synopsis it sounds like an emotional read.

  2. Ooh, this looks good. Thanks for the recommendation!
    I'm a new follower and I'm really loving your blog. :)
    Talk to you soon,

  3. Thanks for your comments. It really is emotional, but I love these types of reads.

  4. Am a high school student and I love this book because it taught me a lot. Thank you for publishing "heart to heart"


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