Friday, July 9, 2010

Contest update

I am up to 119 follower-- wowsers!!
So I have decided to add at least one more winner to the contest-

So-- I am debating a few ideas tell me what you think
1- Should the 2nd place winner just get to pick the other prize-- or should I add new ones? I have a copy of Firespell and Dead Until Dark that I am willing to add to the giveaway. I am also open to other ideas.
2- I am starting to realize how big twitter is in the blogger universe, so should I add an option to get an extra entry for tweeting.

Let me know what you think- and you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ooo. Add Firespell. That'd be awesome!

  2. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for visiting my blog and following. I am now following your blog and looking forward to reading your posts in the future. =O)

  3. Thanks for visiting. I always like adding more prizes. I'm up for adding either of your picks!

  4. Add it if you would like, but no twitter please.


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