Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chance to win Torment

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I'm coming up on my one year blogging anniversary, and I can't help noticing that I'm getting awfully close to hitting the big 1000 with my followers. And I can't help thinking that the absolute best way to celebrate that anniversary would be to hit the 1000 mark. So here's the deal: you guys help me hit 1000 followers, and when I do I will hold a gigantic, epic, mega contest as a reward! Sounds fair, right?

But to sweeten the deal, I'm willing to bribe you guys today with a pretty epic contest all on its own:

Yes, that's right. One of the many awesome ARC's I scored at Comic Con was for the HIGHLY anticipated sequel to Lauran Kate's best-selling novel, Fallen. And as many of you know, Torment is not scheduled for release until September 23--almost two whole months away!  But you can read it MUCH sooner than that if you win it here, and bonus--it's free!!! 

So here's the deal. Anyone can enter--I'm even going to open this contest internationally--and while I'm certainly not going to require that you blog or tweet about it to help me spread the word, I'm hoping that you will. Not only will you get extra entries in this contest, but as soon as I hit 1000 I'll hold the mega-epic-contest-of-awesome (hm, that may have to be what I end up naming it)--and not a second sooner. So the sooner I hit 1000 followers, the better. Then everyone's happy!

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