Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: The Summer I got a Life by Mark Fink

The Summer I Got a Life
The Summer I Got A Life by Mark Fink

Andy Crenshaw’s summer just went into the toilet. His father got a new job and cancelled their dream vacation to Hawaii. Andy and his older brother, Brad, are shipped off to a farm in Wisconsin to stay with an Aunt and Uncle they hardly know. Brad has little use for Andy, except to torment him. 
What begins as a minor disaster turns into a life-changing experience. Andy discovers a whole new world and has his first blush with love in the person of Laura, a piano prodigy and town celebrity. Laura is a remarkable girl, who, despite having to deal with a major life trauma, is funny, resilient, full of life, and to Andy’s delight, just a little crazy. 
Andy’s adventure includes chasing a pig through a mall, surviving a near-death driving lesson, and coming face to face with his first dead guy. He also has a side excursion with his brother that will redefine their relationship forever. 
Published in US: Nov 2009
Stand alone novel
Source: Interlibrary loan

*My Review*

 The Summer I Got a Life is a quick and easy read. It is from the male point of view, which is something I don't see often in YA, so that gets points from me.

 Andy has a voice that kept me interested, and there are some great mishaps that make me laugh. His aunt and uncle are a hoot. I like how him and his brother finally bond and find middle ground.

 Laura is an awesome character, strong, talented, and she doesn't let being in a wheelchair define her. The romance between her and Andy is sweet and builds at a realistic pace for a summer romance.

I would love to hear what you think of this book and/or my review.


  1. I like the title of the novel :D The book sounds like fun! Thanks for the review!

  2. This looks like a really cute read. I'm from Wisconsin so I'll be interested to see what they constitute as farm life.

  3. Sounds very interesting. And it's fun reading midwest books. I also like books with boy POV.

  4. There aren't as many from guy's POV, but I enjoy them too.


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