Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talk to me Tuesday

Hosted by Melissa at I Swim for Oceans

This week's question: Do you have any specific literary pet-peeves in the genres you read and why?

YA has so much to offer, and what one author does well, another doesn't. Or after a while it starts to feel overdone. 

For example, Melissa's pet peeve- love triangles. I totally agree with her and think they have been done so many times that if I see it, I sigh. There are ones that I liked such as Nightshade, Matched and Unearthly, which to me felt like they had a new spin,  or they are ones where I truly had a hard time chosing. 

Another thing that comes to mind is the lack of parental presence. I realize that in real life, there are parents that work all the time, or are seemingly uninterested in their kids lives. I don't need a lot of parents in YA, but I do love it when they are involved. 

What about you?? Agree or disagree? What pops into your mind?


  1. Love triangles in YA are sometimes a pet peeve of mine, too. It seems like one of the guys is the heroine's best friend, somebody she's known forever and who everybody expects her to end up with. And the competition is this dark/dangerous dude who she knows she shouldn't be with, but ends up choosing him anyway. We're not really surprised at this point, authors!

    Anyway, I guess every genre has its tiresome quirks and cliches. Great points.

  2. I have love triangles in general. I feel like they're so overdone (especially in YA). I really liked the fresh take from Bree Despain's The Lost Saint. It wasn't really a love triangle, but it kind of can be depending on where she takes it. But, normally, love triangles drive me batty.

    In YA specifically, I don't like it when parents aren't there, but then in the next book all of a sudden they are (e.g. Linger). I think it's out-of-character for that to happen because most parents who are aloof in their children's lives will continue to be aloof no matter the circumstances.

    I also hate unrealisitc happenings in a book, even in fantasy. Because the fantasy genre can have anything happen, I feel there is more leeway. But, if an author decides to change their mind about what they created just because it's "their" world, it bugs me. I think the laws of physics, not necessarily ours, should be kept intact no matter the world.

  3. Love triangles definitely, I never thought of parental involvement until I just listened to Love You, Hate You, Miss You, by Elizabeth Scott. I'm getting ready to do my review on it just digesting it a little before I do. But I think about Shiver and how her parents were never there until she got a boyfriend. You're right parents are sadly remiss in their duties. But in this world of two parents working sometimes two jobs to make ends meet, it's sometimes a reality. When they get home, they're just too tired to care where Dick or Jane is or what they've been up to. So, authors may have it right in that respect, though they portray it as the parents not really caring or just being blind, not that they are working two jobs etc.


  4. HI Brandileigh,

    I don't read YA, but I can say that love triangles, if done well, are interesting. I think the problem is that they've become a stock item in YA, from what I'm reading on the blogs.

    Have a great one!

    The Enchanted Book

  5. I think the love triangle can be a good thing, like I tried to make known, but the fact is that it is SO overdone these days that I groan when I see the second love interest enter. Great answer, Brandi :)

  6. Gah! I totally agree with the love triangle thing...I'm glad those books went a new route with it though.

    The Reading Housewives

  7. Yes, I agree! I like the Unearthly love triangle. It really surprised me! I agree on the lack of parents who are either no were to be found or just don't care.

  8. Totally agree with you Melissa- sorry if I wasn't clear.

    @Buried- Parents are so hard to do in YA.


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