Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alternate Ending

You have to pick one of your favorite books and write an alternate ending to it, must be at least two paragraphs long (can be longer) and post it to your blog, then leave a comment with the link. (Be as creative as you can!)

Prize: a $10 Amazon gift card

ForbiddenMy alternate ending to Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Even though I totally appreciate what she did, I am a sucker for happy and well wrapped up. 
  I looked at Lochan and could hardly believe we'd made it. The day when Kit busted in on us naked and ran to get mom, I thought that we'd never be able to keep everything together. It turns out he was just embarrassed because Lochan had interfered and his coach outed his fear of heights to the team. I don't know what he thought he'd accomplish by getting mom but after an hour of yelling, she passed out. She left the next morning and never came back. 
  We got checks once a month until we graduated, and Lochan got a scholarship to the local university. He wrote on the side for the newspaper and made enough to support us. It's been a long fifteen years, but Willa is in college now, and they've all come to accept our relationship, and why we left town. 
   I looked into Lochan's eyes and still felt the same passion, longing and I was glad that we'd started over, and our new friends all thought we were the sweetest couple. I could do something about my love.


  1. thanks for making an alternate ending, I didn't think anybody was going to do it lol

    I prefer your ending alot better, I am also a stickler for happy endings also ;)

  2. You know, I like your ending. I appreciated the other ending (even though my heart was broken) but this one, everything works out.

  3. I did Forbidden, too, but my isn't happy in the same way. ; )


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