Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Unveiled by Trisha Wolfe

Unveiled by Trisha Wolfe
Amongst the wasteland lies the gleaming city of Karm. A Camelot-esque utopia built from the ashes of a dying world.
Seventeen-year-old Fallon is no daughter of Karm.
She's its assassin.
Raised by a secret society of rebels, she's bent on bringing down the king's sham of an existence. But her first mark, one of the king's top knights of the Force, makes her question everything. Even her heart.
Novelette published in US: Sept 18th 2011
Source: author for review

My review:
   For such a short story I totally fell in love with the characters. Fallon and Xander are dynamic, and they are thinkers in a world where it's discouraged. I love the difference they made in their journey together.
    It started with her aiming to kill him, but she starts thinking for herself when she makes a few mistakes and gets into a conversation with him. It turns out that he has a sharp mind, and that he explores outside the boundaries that the king of their dystopian universe sets out.
    They are from two different parts and functions in this world and I love how their stories tie together and begin to change the future.
    It really takes talent to make me smile, fan myself from steam, and care for characters in a short amount of pages, but Trish did it and I am looking forward to and crossing my fingers that there are more pages in their future.
I'd love to hear what you think of Unveiled and/or my review.


  1. Usually shorter stories are a problem for me because I don't feel like I have time to fully connect to the characters, so it's nice to know that's not the case here! And that cover is gorgeous, I love it:)

  2. I just bought this and downloaded to my Nook, can't wait to read it!!!

  3. Thank you so much, Brandi! This review totally rocked my day =D

  4. All I had to read was this: "Camelot-esque utopia built from the ashes of a dying world."

    and I was SOLD. haha, thanks! I've added this to my wishlist, it sounds so good!

  5. It's pretty awesome, ya'll should buy it. Trish and I are working out details for guest post and giveaway :)

  6. This is the first review I have read on this book. I think it looks really promising and I love that the characters are great!

  7. The trailer doesn't seen too bad. I don't usually read 'short' stories because I'm a fast reader that would rather read thicker books but I think your review won me over and also, the plot seems very interesting. This book is definitely going on my to-reads list.

  8. So I have this thing where I can only read partial reviews until after I've finished the book - I'm THAT deathly afraid of spoilers! I don't even like knowing the love interest or the names of anyone except the MC. :D

  9. Brandi,

    I don't usually read short stories because it's difficult to bond with the characters AND follow a true character arc in limited pages. It sounds like you feel the same way. Since you fell in love with Fallon and Xander's characters, I can't wait to read about the dying world of Karm in Unveiled!

  10. I generally don't read short stories unless it's about characters from a series where I already know the back story or it's a new author that I'm taking for a test drive.
    As this is a new author for me, a great way to check her out.


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