Friday, September 16, 2011

Starry Starry Night by Lurlene McDaniel

Starry, Starry Night
Starry Starry Night by Lurlene McDaniel
Remember the true meaning of the holidays with three touching novellas from best-selling author Lurlene McDaniel.
In the opening novella, "Christmas Child," 15-year-old Melanie is just getting used to the idea of having a sister when she learns that the child will only live for a few hours. But Melanie learns much about love during her sister's brief but poignant life. In "The Last Dance," Brenda is faced with the difficult choice between good intentions and what she really wants when she becomes the last chance for happiness for a dying boy. In "Kathy's Life," two 16-years-olds seem to have everything on the surface, but not everything is as perfect as it appears.
Published in US: 1998
Source: bought for kindle
My Review:
   I thought this was new and realized I'd already read it... but oh wells. I've supported Lurlene McDaniel more and had stories to read and cry over again...
   These, in her fashion, are touching stories, and I enjoyed them all. I read all three in about an hour and a half. 
   They are all Christmas stories, and the first has a lot of religious talk in it, which is okay with me but it may be good for others to be aware. It makes sense with the circumstances and it doesn't seem preachy to me, it seems a very natural thing for a religious family to talk about considering. 

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