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Shield the Heart Blog Tour

Hi Brandi, thanks for hosting this stop on the blog tour for Shield the Heart!
The theme for this blog tour is a little different and I hope all of you will enjoy it. It’s titled ‘A Russian Tour’ because each day during the blog tour we’ll explore the Russian cities and historical sites that are the backdrop for my new YA novel Shield the Heart.
Sometimes the setting of a novel is so interesting and unique that it deserves a closer look, and that’s why I thought this blog tour would be so much fun. ‘A Russian Tour’ will give my readers a chance to get a better view of where everything in Shield the Heart takes place.
After all, these are the places that have inspired me, and I hope they inspire all of you, too.
Today on our itinerary we’re visiting Kostroma, Russia!
To follow along each day and visit some of the places found in Shield the Heart, be sure to follow the blog tour.
Okay, onto our destination!


Writing Shield the Heart while adding many layers and meanings to the plot came very naturally. And it’s no wonder that the ancient city of Kostroma was folded into the story, as well. Not only is it beautiful and rich in history, but it’s filled with landmarks that have special meaning. I was inspired by Kostroma, and all that has happened there. In fact, Kostroma will celebrate its 860th anniversary this, so its history is quite long.

When Lilly, the main character, finds herself in Kostroma she feels a special connection to it. The rivers, the sights, the sounds, and everything around her glitter with the past and remind her of the old Russian prophecy that has drawn her back to Russia. “She who reads the hearts of many, shall return the hearts of many to Russia.”
Although Lilly soon leaves Kostroma, it’s not before something very special happens…

A little history about this city:
“In 1612 Kostroma town was the place where Moscow embassy offered Michael Romanov Russian crown. It was the end of Russian “Time of Troubles” and the beginning of Romanov’s dynasty reigning on the throne of Russia.” (RussiaTrek)

Quote from Shield the Heart~
[Kostroma] was the old and the new, the past and the present, living intertwined.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing Shield the Heart and I hope that YA readers will get a small peek at places they may never see in real life – places like Kostroma. I hope they’ll be enthralled enough to learn more. If, so this city may prove a great place to seek out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tour of Kostroma. Be sure to follow us to our next destination. Tomorrow on the blog tour we’ll visit the Kremlin!

Brandi, thanks again for hosting me on the blog tour. I hope you and your blog followers enjoy my new release!

One Gift, One Prophecy, One Choice

Shield the Heart
 (Note: This book is part of a series. Book #1 Return the Heart. Book #2 Shield the Heart.)
What if the battle was in your heart?
Lilly’s gift of reading the heart seemed like a curse, but when she discovered her gift was linked to an old, Russian prophecy it changed everything. What she never questioned, though, was her own heart.
When the prophecy pulls Lilly back to Russia and demands to be fulfilled she is torn between love and loyalty. She must make the most difficult decision of her life and choose between the two. But Lilly’s decision is farther reaching than even she is willing to acknowledge. It stretches from East to West - from the past to the future.
Lilly discovers there’s more to the old prophecy than she realized and enemy forces are bent on stopping it from unfolding.
One thing is certain - there will be casualties. And sparing those closest to her may be impossible. While Seth attempts to shield Lilly from the truth, Nikolai reveals secrets that could change everything.
As Lilly falls into the arms of Russia she must decide: will love or loyalty reign? And can she live with the consequences? Two sides compete for Lilly’s heart and she must find the answers she needs before her enemies find her.

Shield the Heart, by T.K. Richardson, is the riveting second book in the series and takes Lilly deeper into Russia’s mysterious past… and her future.
Available in paperback and ebook 
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About the author~
T.K. Richardson is the author of YA books Return the Heart, Shield the Heart, Simmer: Recipes for the Teen Palate, and Love, Me: Anthology of Short Stories. She is the founder of Partners In, a program that donates books to children in the foster care system. She also runs The Writers Resource Directory, a great site for writers filled with publishing and writing links, tips and advice. Her next books: Courtship and the Kremlin, Swan Song, and Dovetail are due out later this year.  Find out more at

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  1. Brandi, thanks for hosting me on the blog tour! I hope you and your followers enjoy my new release! Don't forget the Kindle Fire contest. It's open until March 31.

    T.K. Richardson


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