Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Shield the Heart by T.K. Richardson

Shield the Heart (Heart, #2)
Shield the Heart by T.K. Richardson

What if the battle was in your heart?
Lilly’s gift of reading the heart seemed like a curse, but when she discovered her gift was linked to an old, Russian prophecy it changed everything. What she never questioned, though, was her own heart.
When the prophecy pulls Lilly back to Russia and demands to be fulfilled she is torn between love and loyalty. She must make the most difficult decision of her life and choose between the two. But Lilly’s decision is farther reaching than even she is willing to acknowledge. It stretches from East to West - from the past to the future.
Lilly discovers there’s more to the old prophecy than she realized and enemy forces are bent on stopping it from unfolding.
One thing is certain - there will be casualties. And sparing those closest to her may be impossible. While Seth attempts to shield Lilly from the truth, Nikolai reveals secrets that could change everything.
As Lilly falls into the arms of Russia she must decide: will love or loyalty reign? And can she live with the consequences? Two sides compete for Lilly’s heart and she must find the answers she needs before her enemies find her.
Shield the Heart, by T.K. Richardson, is the riveting second book in the series and takes Lilly deeper into Russia’s mysterious past… and her future.
Published in US: Jan 2012
2nd in the heart series, 1st is Return the Heart, no information about the 3rd
Source: author for review

My Review:
     I really enjoyed Lilly in this book, she has a lot of self-discovery and it is enlightening to see how others think about her, and how she thinks her mistakes should be held against her in such a large scale, where those who love her have already forgiven and moved on.
    Her internal battles are the major plot mover in this book, and it is not boring at all, just a bit different. There is still action but that is not the biggest thing for me. Some shocking things happen, things that made me very sad, but seeing Lilly and the others work through their emotions was so powerful.
    The things that I loved about the first one, the awesome character of Claire, the romance between Lilly and Seth, and the unique premise of their gifts and how they work together are still very present in this book. I really enjoy this series, and recommend it.
    One person that stood out to me more in this one than the first is the character of Nikolai. I can't really say much at all without being spoilerish, but he really is well crafted and adds a lot to the story.
    I love how the theme of how her heart is divided between countries parallels with some of the other things that happen in the story, and I love the imagery of how she and the country has been put back together that she has at the monastery.
    The characters, the premise and the emotions all made this book great for me, and I recommend that you give it a try.
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