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Review: Me, Him, Them and It by Caela Carter

Me, Him, Them and It
Me, Him, Them and It by Caela Carter
When Evelyn decided to piss off her parents with a bad reputation, she wasn't planning to ruin her valedictorian status. She also wasn't planning to fall for Todd-the guy she was just using for sex. And she definitely wasn't planning on getting pregnant. When Todd turns his back on her, Evelyn's not sure where to go. Can a distant mother, a cheating father, an angry best friend, and a (thankfully) loving aunt with adopted daughters of her own help Evelyn make the heart-wrenching decisions that follow?

Publishes in US: Feb 5th 2013
Genre: YA contemporary
Source: Bloomsbury
Series? no
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Blkosiner's Book Blog review
      Me, Him, Them and It takes a realistic and deeply emotional look at teenage pregnancy with a fresh narrator and Caela Carter makes the story her own not like reading the same old story again.
     I connected with Evelyn, the main character, because I can relate and see myself in her. She isn't quite like any other protagonist that I can remember reading about in that she is quiet, and it is hard for her to open up, while I wouldn't quite call it shy. I've read shy and I can sort of relate with that, but Evelyn is different and different is good to me. I guess the best way I can explain it is that she has a hard time saying the truth and of her feelings to others, and when she finally talks, what comes out isn't the truth.
    Me, Him, Them and It also showcased all different kinds of family and how love can be shown. There is the traditional mother and father, though both are disconnected and although they love Evelyn, her mom just doesn't talk much either, and her dad has made some mistakes and can't see how to get past them. Then there is her aunt Linda and her wife/partner Nora, who I might add are two of my favorite characters, maybe even more so than Evelyn. I love their dynamic and how at first glance you wouldn't think they would work but they really are the ones that get through to Evelyn. Their little girls Cecelia and Tammy are black while Linda is chinese and Nora is white, and it doesn't matter in the slightest to them, they just love each other. Tammy and Cecelia just bring the story to a whole other level, and I loved every scene they were in and what they taught Evelyn about herself, family and love.
    I will say though, that there is one particular decision that Evelyn makes while I fully support the action, I can't say that I agree with her motivations at that time and how the decision came to pass... If that makes any sense. I really don't want to spoil the story, but I couldn't review without mentioning that. I think that it can send the wrong message about that decision and that is the last thing that I would want.
    So, that said, I really enjoyed Me, Him, Them and It. The pacing was wonderful, it kept me engaged and the emotions are really what drove this book. I loved watching Evelyn grow and learn about herself and life.
    Bottom line: Emotionally driven story about one girl coming face to face with teenage pregnancy and making the hardest decisions of her life while learning to love herself and learning the ways her family loves her.

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My question to you, my lovely readers:
What do you think a boy's responsibility should be in a teen pregnancy?


  1. I've read one book about teen pregnancy and honesty I wasn't such a big fan of it so...now I'm scared that all will piss me off like that one did. Still this one sounds like something I might enjoy and you said such a beautiful things in your review. i might give it a try. Great review :)

  2. I have this to review soon and I'm really excited about giving it a try. I didn't know much about it but now I'm really excited to meet Tammy and Cecelia since you say they're such great characters.

  3. I am not sure if this one is for me yet but I do think the characters sound interesting! :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  4. I think teen pregnancy is important to write about. Sometimes it is shown as a glorified, easy thing in movies and tv shows. I hate when that happens because that is not realistic to me.

  5. I think the boy should take responsibilty, but sometimes there's more at play and it's not simple.

    I really think I would like M,H, T &It. I like stories that take a very realistic approach to teen life & struggles. Great review!

  6. I haven't read very many teen pregnancy books, and honestly that's probably because that would be my worst nightmare of a situation! But this looks really good, and I love stories that make you feel emotions. Great review!

  7. This sounds well done and what a difficult time for anyone let alone an unwed teen. Great review!

  8. I don't think I've read a teen pregnancy book, but this one sounds good, very emotional.

    I think the boy should take responsibility too of the pregnancy and the baby...it doesn't necessarily means getting married, but he should be a part of the baby's life if possible.

    1. Oh, I def don't think they should necessarily get married

  9. I really want to read this one!
    I think that in a teen pregnancy, if the girl decides to have the baby, then the father should be in it 50-50 too, if she wants him to be of course. It is not fair of the boy to feel that the baby is nothing to do with him - he was irresponsible enough to make the baby, so he has to be held accountable.
    In cases where the girl doesn't want the father to be in childs life, then the father has rights and should be granted some sort of access to the child (unless other stuff needs to be taken into account obviously.)

  10. Tough one there, pregnancy would scare any teen and can't blame the guy if he gets scared then

  11. I personally don't read much of these types of books, but I'm a big proponent of them. I do think they are important especially to encourage discussion even if it's amongst friends.

    As far as the father's role? If it is consensual, then he should play an equal part in raising and providing for the child. Unfortunately that is not usually the case.

  12. it's impressive you always have a lot of emotional book, sometimes I think it would be too much for me. great review!

  13. I am very curious now about this one after reading your review. I am surprised there are not a lot more books out there on teenage pregnancy and I think it is a topic that should be addressed more. I want to know what her decision was and how everything was handled. You definitely got my attention with this one!

    1. There are quite a few out there, but don't want too many at one time

  14. I'm intrigued about the decision she makes, and curious as to whether or not she goes on to have the baby. I hope she does. Great review, I may just have to pick this one up now to satisfy my curiosity :)

  15. I don't normally read issue books, but this sounds very well done, and the cover is pretty gorgeous.
    Great review!

  16. Oooh this one sounds even better than I thought it was. And as a previous teen mom (OK, just barely a teen, but now my son is a teen) I definitely think that the boy has just as much of a responsibility in the pregnancy as the girl does!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  17. I don't know that I heard of this before. I'm pretty sure I haven't read a review of it though. And it sounds really good! I love a good contemporary book now and then so I'll have to pick it up one of these days!

  18. This sounds like a pretty good read. I nice that you were able to connect with the main character and I find the story line something that interests me. I love emotional books and I will definitely be adding this to my tbr :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  19. I think I have this one on NG or Edelweiss. Wow loved your thoughts. I am now going to check NG . I am interested to read this sooner than later now:)


  20. Ooo poo I was declined. Was looking forward to this one too :)


  21. The boy is at least as responsible as the girl.

    I'm the product of a teenage pregnancy, a private adoption. My birthmother beat herself up with guilt every day of her life for not being able to keep me at the age of 16. My birthfather was so angry he went out and got another girl pregnant. I'm not sure what happened to that child. Adoption isn't the EASY answer anymore than abortion is an EASY answer. That's why I think the boy should share half the responsibility. I tell my boys, "If you can't do the time then don't do the crime." In essence, if you don't want to raise a baby, keep it in your pants.

    1. Great point! Nothing at that age is an easy option

  22. I was a teen mom. I turned 16 and 2 months later my daughter was born. The father was involved for a few years until he realized that it interfered in his social life. *&&^%*(... ! Anyways, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. She is college now, majoring in Special Education. I am one proud momma!
    This sounds like a fantastic book, and I will definitely pick it up. Wonderful review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  23. Long this is my kind of YA contemporary. Hopefully this is still up in NG

  24. Such a touchy and sensitive issue. I really enjoy books like this, as long as the author approaches the topic successfully. I have this on my TBR list coming up very soon! I'm definitely more excited to read it after your review. :)

    As for your question... that's a toughy! I have to admit to a guilty pleasure... I watch Teen Mom. Though I'm much older than they are and wasn't a mom while still a teen, I can totally relate to the issues they face. You have the father's that freak out and run... fast! Then you have the ones that feel like they need to marry the mom and start a life together, at only 16 or 17. I really can't say either of those are the "right" way to handle the situation... but really, is there a right way? I guess the most right thing I can say they should do is get some help... because they will need it!!

    Great review! Thanks for sharing! :)


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