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Review: Lost by Nadia Simonenko and Tour Giveaway

Lost (Lost & Found, #1)
Lost by Nadia Simonenko
Sometimes you need someone else to help you find your way.
Maria's life was torn apart when she was fifteen, and for seven years she's kept her terrible secret hidden from the world. Now, in her final semester of college, she still struggles against paralyzing fear just trying to speak up in class, and the terror and helplessness linger on in her nightmares.
Across campus, Owen sees his scars in the mirror every morning while he gets ready for class. They remind him of the broken home he left behind, the father he hates and fears, and the little sister he couldn't protect. Now, in his final semester of college, he's scared that he may have to return to the hell he called home after staying away for almost five years.
When Owen becomes a teaching assistant for one of Maria's classes, they find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. As the two learn each other's secrets and grow closer, they realize that although they may be lost, they're not alone anymore.
This new adult contemporary romance is recommended for ages 17+ due to heavy subject matter.

Released: March 25th 2013 
1st in Lost & Found. releases July 15th 2013

    I loved the brokenness of Maria and Owen and how they appreciated and accepted each other the way they were. They didn't expect them to change, but in fact, connected more because they saw that hesitation, the freezing up, and uncertainty around others, it opened up those channels of trust. 
      Both had such hard pasts that still effected their lives and how they interacted with each other.
Loved Tina and the friendship there. How she protected and understood her. That she wasn't perfect herself, she had a mouth, that they were close and open with each other. 
     The parents in this one infuriated me, as well as the bullies. I hate it, but I loved watching Maria and Owen rise above their past, and learn to heal. 
     This is such a realistic story, and I appreciate how just because they were together, it didn't mean they were automatically healed, it just meant they had more support and incentive to work on it, getting a little better. 
    The emotions in Lost are well done. There was so much terror, dread, pain and also love, acceptance and hope. 
    I was caught up in Lost, and didn't want to put it down, and I am very eager to read Found!

Bottom Line: Realistic, gritty and dark with steamy romance. 

About the Author
Nadia Simonenko
Nadia Simonenko is a scientist and author currently living in Indianapolis with her husband, two cats and a dog. When she isn’t writing, she develops new oncolytic compounds and dreams about someday getting to take a vacation.

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My question to you, my lovely readers:
Has someone helped you find your way?


  1. Nice review. Glad you loved it. Thanks for participating.

  2. I like the sound of the realistic romance but I know the parents would bother me as well. Must remember to read this not on the ereader so I don't end up throwing it. ;)

  3. Oooo, I've never heard of this one before. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

  4. How fantastic! It really is the flaws that make us who we are - so great to see them truly loved for everything about them. Thank you so much for sharing! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  5. Hmm..what do I think of the plot? I think it follows the same recipe we are seeing so much of this year, damaged people healed by romance after a lot of angst. I hope there is a positive message regarding the bullying!

  6. Wow, this one sounds intense. I agree with Heidi that I am starting to get a little weary of the "two broken people who make each other whole again" plot. But glad you enjoyed this one!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  7. This sounds good, and ooh parents that make you pull your hair out!!Great review!

  8. I haven't read the first book but this series sounds great. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  9. Sounds a little gritty but hopeful. I think I might like the emotional ride.

    In relation to your question - yes, I feel so blessed that I've people helping me and guiding me all the time :)

  10. Don't think I have seen this one before. It does sounds like a pretty good book. Glad you enjoyed it. Great review.

  11. I would love to read this book. It sounds really good and ver emotional. Please enter me in contest.

  12. Poor Owen and Maria! It's nice they could lessen each others pain. Wonderful review, Brandi! :)

  13. I saw this one before but didn't really take mind of it, but now it seems to be actually a real cool read! I think I'll take my chances and check this one out ;)

    Faye @ The Social Potato Reviews

  14. This sounds just like my type of a read. Both characters had to go through hell and back and now they found each other. Great review :)

  15. Another great sounding book! It definitely looks like the author did a great job with the characterization for you to feel such hatred toward Maria and Owen's parents. And dark and gritty stories have always been my type. I might check this out in the future. Great review!

  16. It sounds intense and upsetting but the romance and healing but not instantly sounds lovely!

  17. Oh my god, I can feel how powerful and intense the story would be just by reading your review. I love stories that rip you hearts out and make you feel and Lost sounds like something I would love. Thanks for the lovely review, Brandi! I'll definitely add it to my tbr :)


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