Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tell me about (reading on) the Kindle Fire HD?

I am thinking about biting the bullet and buying a (under $150) tablet or a kindle fire. I am wondering though, how is the kindle fire for reading? Is it like looking at a computer screen, or will I probably want to keep my older looks like text in a book kindle?
Otherwise, how is it for blogging, facebook, candy crush, etc?

Anyone prefer to use their laptop (or phone--mine is usually dead though) than a kindle or tablet?

Do you love or hate it?

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  1. I have a Kindle Fire but not an HD, I can read on it but after awhile my eyes become fatigued - but I've always been sensitive to reading anything on computer screens. I do like reading on it at night because I can change the background to black with white text.

  2. I have a Paperwhite but I also have an iPad, I definitely spend more time on my kindle. My Mother inlaw had just upgraded her Kindle Fire to an iPad air though so I'm not sure if that helps.

    I used my iPad for reading on before I had my Kindle and even though I like seeing all the pretty covers I do prefer the texture of the screen with my kindle.


  3. I love reading on my kindle fire. Can't speak to eye fatigue as I never really get more than 30 minutes to read at one time. I love how quickly it boots up and loads web pages, too.

  4. I have a first generation Kindle Fire and I love it. My text is permanently set to white text on black background. It's a lot easier on the eyes that way.

  5. I have a Google Nexus 7, a Kindle Touch, and a Nook Glow. I only read at night on the tablet and only if I have to. I prefer to read on the Kindle or Nook (and the Nook only if I can only get epub). If I didn't already have too many gadgets, I would get the Kindle Paperwhite and not read on my tablet at all. If you want a dedicated reading device get the Kindle Paperwhite.

    If you want a tablet, get a tablet that is not Kindle or Nook branded. The Kindle tablet runs a bad version of android that basically restricts you. If you ever want to put any google apps on your Kindle Fire, like gmail or google docs, you can't. It voids your warranty. You also can't access the original Android Market - the Google Play store, which has more apps than the Amazon app store. For a similar price to the Kindle Fire, you can get the Nexus 7. There is also a 10 inch Nexus if you want something bigger. Samsung also has some solid tablets and they make a 7, 8 or 10 inch. I have the Samsung Galaxy s4 as a smartphone and love it. If you don't mind spending money, get the iPad mini or iPad air. Basically depending on what matters most to you in a tablet, you should get a Nexus, Samsung or Apple. The negative to having only a non-kindle tablet and no regular kindle is that if you have Prime you can't take advantage of the free book every month. Also, only the Kindle Fires will run the Prime streaming service.

    Amber R. @ Bibliophilia, Please

  6. I hàve Kindle Fire and its good for browsing but not for long term reading. The glare gives me headaches and I credit it for.making my eyesight worse. Get an "eyesight friendly" device like maybe the paperwhite or other gadgets that are intended for reading.

    If you want a tablet for reading and browsing, I agree with Amber R. Kindle & Nook will limit you to their monopoly. Like you cant read epub on kindle and Mobi in nook. I tried reading pdf on my kindle & its horrible. Do more research and try reading on the actual device if you can before you bite the bullet.

  7. I prefer to read on my Nook Simple Touch. Longer battery, no glare screen, less distractions. I have an ipad that I used before getting the ereader which is great for web related things but definitely prefer my Nook!

    S.Huston @ Head In The Clouds

  8. I have a kindle fire and I hated reading on it. I ended up getting a paperwhite which I love. The fire is just another computer screen to stare at. I had thought I could use it for blogging if I'm out of town, but you can't really. I did use the pulse app for reading blogs which was convenient. These days my kids just use it for watching netflix and playing a few games.

  9. I think blogging too much on a tablet would get tiring, but I can't say for sure. I have a Kindle paperwhite for reading e-books and it's great!

  10. I have a blank and white Kindle Touch, and though I use to love reading on it, I know prefer to use my 4th gen iPad with retina display. My Kindle was not backlit, so I loved my iPad when I started reading on it. I have tried out several cheaper tablets, including an Asus Transformer (higher end tablet with keyboard attachment to turn into laptop) and though the graphics are good, I never tried the reading app, and it's quite a bit over a $150 budget. So is an iPad. Now, my cousin has a Kindle Fire, and she loves it. It's practically a tablet, for all she uses it for. The video and games on it are great, and though it is definitely NOT as good as an iPad, it may be alright if you are planning on mostly reading on it. Overall, iPad offers AMAZING quality through iBooks (free) and you can also download the Kindle reading app on the iPad if you so desire (I have both.) If you don't want to spend that much on an iPad (even though it was the best purchase I ever made, to be honest) a Kindle Fire HD would be the best ereader. You shouldn't get a b&w one, or one that is not backlit (so you can't read in the dark), so I can't really recommend Kindle Paperwhite or anything Nook (I absolutely hate them.) So, Kindle Fire is pretty much the best way to go, if you are going to use it as both an ereader and tablet, though, at a higher cost, you can get an awesome iPad. :)

  11. There is so many spelling mistakes above in my original post, and I apologize. Spell check is always correcting me and inputting the wrong words. Bear with my comment though. Also, If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty obsessed with an iPad. I'm on it right now, if that tells you anything. I use it for both my blogging, reading, gaming, email, etc etc, and couldn't recommend it enough. But I think a Kindle Fire HD is the best ereader out there and definitely the beat of both worlds for you :) Good luck!

  12. I have an iPad now so I gave my Kindle Fire to my husband but for reading, I loved my Kindle. The screen never bothered me personally and at night I would always set in to the lowest brightness. Besides reading, I liked using it for games and quick web browsing. I did some of my linking and commenting through it too. I bought my son the 8GB version for $139 and he uses it for videos and picture books too. Good luck!

  13. I have both a Kindle Fire and a Kindle Paperwhite. I love my Fire for all things, including reading. I had it for over a year before I got the Paperwhite and never once thought it was hard to read or anything. I also use it as a tablet. The only problem is that the battery runs out faster so I don't need to charge it at least twice a week if I use it daily. My Paper white is perfect! The battery lasts for like ever and it's simple and small and quick. It's easier on the eyes now that I've used both. My laptop, I HATE reading on. It kills my eyes and gives me a headache over time. I have no idea why my laptop annoys me and not my Fire but it definitely does.

  14. I have the cheapest possible Kindle -- the $69 one -- and I absolutely love it. It weighs next to nothing and I always have it in my bag and use it just for reading.
    Then I just got an iPad Air for Christmas. I use that for internet, email, apps. I don't read on that as I agree that the shiny screen is headache-inducing.
    Hope you figure out the right solution for you, Brandi :)
    Jen @ YA Romantics


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