Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Interview Answers (From You Interview Me)

Favorite kind of chocolate?
Reeses cups, though I will eat most any chocolate. I am a bit of an addict

If you were going to step outside your reading "comfort zone" what type of book would you give a go?
Well, there have been lots of books where I have stepped out of my comfort zone, even if I didn't keep reading in that genre. When I was younger, I read only babysitters club and Lurlene McDaniel. When I outgrew BSC, I would read anything McDaniel wrote (and still do, in fact). That is contemporary, mostly about sick kids, so emotional contemporary. And in some aspects, I still read a lot of that.
But with Harry Potter and Eragon, it began to open some of the doors for me to read fantasy-- then I started on Robert Jordan's books. Though, that is where I mostly stopped with adult fantasy series.
Next phase of my reading began with Twilight. I was then addicted and nothing else would do (huge reading hangover and post-amazing-series depression, until I found fanfiction, and there was about 6 months of that. And THEN I discovered book blogging because I started searching for what to read after Twilight.
So then I had fantasy, paranormal vamps, and contemporary. Meyer suggested The Hunger Games and then I fell in love with dystopia. With the River of Time series, I found historical fiction that I enjoyed. I read a lot of bible study books as well. I adored His Bright Light by Steele about her bipolar son, as well as another biography about a girl with cystic fibrosis. As far as new adult, I got into it with K.A. Tucker and Christina Lee. I have tried books with poetry like Speak, and although I don't like many of them, I have found a few. As far as novellas, I have finally given in with Elementals and Ignite Me series. For poetry collections, classics, graphic novels as well as anthologies, that is something that doesn't really speak with me, as is most non-fiction except cookbooks with pictures. I tried Black Daggerhood series as far as adult urban fantasy (think that is the classification) but didn't like, so I suppose that would be the next step for me to broaden my horizons.

Favorite indulgence?
Reality TV. I love Dance Moms and Teen Mom.

Have you ever considered co blogging?
I would consider bringing someone onto the blog with me, but I don't know about joining another.

How do you choose what you will read next?

I keep a google calendar with my arcs and requested. I have a pub date document with others I have bought, as well as amazon and goodreads lists of what is at my library and ebook library that I want to read. 

What is one genre you absolutely would never want to try, if there is one?
Hmm... I have a few established that I don't like. But I have tried them. Poetry collections, classics, graphic novels as well as anthologies as is most non-fiction except cookbooks with pictures
How do you find the time to read? Where do you usually do it?

How is balancing real life with blogging? 

Very challenging at times, especially keeping up with commenting. I have two little girls-- I am a stay at home mom, but I volunteer at school, keep up a blog for the girls (pictures and updates), and volunteer at church


  1. That would be a lot to keep you busy! That's neat you have a blog for your girls :)

    For adult UF have you considered Rachel Caine? She has a Weather Warden series that was really interesting. There's Wardens that help keep mother nature and those trying to use her from pretty much killing all the humans. And some Djinn in the mix. That was the first time I'd read about them. It's more UF than BlackDaggerBrotherhood. Those I'd put more in paranormal romance.

  2. that's a fun interview! thanks for sharing! You're really more organized than me lol

  3. I keep a calendar too just so I could keep up with my arcs and tours. Still a LOT of books fall through the cracks thanks to real life things or the occasional reading slump.

  4. I always wonder how people handle blogging and real life. It can be tough!

    p.s. come enter my giveaway!

  5. I am obsessed with chocolate too. I just made Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes. So good.

  6. This was a great idea! I don't really like non-fiction either, I rather stick with fantasy books :)

  7. This was fun to read, Brandi! I hope you had a Merry Christmas! :)

  8. Nice interview! I like how you showed us how you gradually opened up into reading more genres. I think my own horizons were always wide open, I try a bit of everything except for a few genres, and then with blogging they broadened even more. I also think it is challenging to always find an awesome balance, and the commenting is the part I agree with most! You do sound like a busy person :)


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