Monday, August 22, 2011

Half Blood character Tweets

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chupacabra I really don’t want to train 2day. Butt hurts.
CalebisCool  @chupacabra um, Alex that just sounds wrong.
imkindofabigdeal  actually, I’m interested by this tweet @chupacabra @CalebisCool
chupacabra  @imkindofabigdeal you’re such a perv, Seth
chupacabra @CalebisCool doesn’t change the fact IT hurts
Guitarguy @ chupacabra Get off twitter. You’re five minutes late.
Guitarguy @ chupacabra btw, I don’t get your screen name, Alex
imkindofabigdeal YOU LIKE IT when I’m a perv @chupacabra  @Guitarguy
chupacabra OMGods, @Guitarguy Gee, Aiden. It’s SATURDAY. Can’t I sleep in???
CalebisCool @chupacabra @GuitarGuy Heh. Aiden is like Big Brother. Always watching
GuitarGuy  @imkindofabigdeal. Seth, why did u send that tweet to me? @chupacabra
GuitarGuy @chupacabra And no, you can’t sleep in
imkindofabigdeal why not? @GuitarGuy @chupacabra
chupacabra oh gods
CalebisCool And so it begins
GuitarGuy @imkindofabigdeal That didn’t answer my question @chupacabra
imkindofabigdeal If you’re really that slow, I feel sorry for you @GuitarGuy @chupacabra
chupacabra let’s run away together @CalebisCool
GuitarGuy You do realize I can and will hurt you? @imkindofabigdeal
GuitarGuy  Have you even gotten out of bed yet? @chupacabra
chupacabra Yes @GuitarGuy
CalebisCool You’re such a liar @chupacabra @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy ALEX @chupacabra Thank you @CalebisCool
chupacabra Sigh. OKAY @GuitarGuy u suck @CalebisCool
imkindofabigdeal BRING IT PURE-BLOOD @GuitarGuy
chupacabra kiss off @imkindofabigdeal
chupacabra & I swear to the gods if u respond perversely to that, I’ll maim u @imkindofabigdeal
CalebIsCool heh @chupacabra @imkindofabigdeal
imkindofabigdeal I would never think of doing such a thing @chupacabra
GuitarGuy There is only one thing I hate more in this life than daimons….
imkindofabigdeal so why aren’t you following me, St. Delphi? @GuitarGuy
chupacabra u r so full of it @imkindofabigdeal
CalebisCool well, he’s Kind Of A Big Deal @chupacabra @imkindofbigdeal
imkindofabigdeal  I knew there was a reason I liked you @CalebisCool
GuitarGuy Maybe because I don’t like you? @imkindofabigdeal
GuitarGuy Alex, seriously. @chupacraba
chupacabra I’m totally on my way. right now @GuitarGuy
chupacabra btw, can u not beat me up today? @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy Was that supposed to be a joke? @chupacabra
chupacabra guess not @GuitarGuy
imkindofabigdeal I bet Alex likes me @GuitarGuy
CalebisCool Twitter is like better than reality television. Can you imagine if the gods tweeted? It wouldn’t be better than this
GuitarGuy Note to self: learn meditation to prevent murderous rampage
chupacraba what is wrong with you? @imkindofabigdeal
imkindofabigdeal My life’s not complete unless you’re following me @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy and what is up with the name? @chupacabra
chupacabra I heart chupacbras. they are so misunderstood, you know? @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy No. I don’t understand @chupacabra
CalebisCool Ahhhh, I just googled a chupacabra! What is wrong with YOU @chupacraba Goat sucker???
chupacraba they’re cute @CalebisCool
imkindofabigdeal are you ignoring me @GuitarGuy
chupacraba do you blame him? @imkindofabigdeal
imkindofabigdeal I guess I understand. Sometimes its hard to be faced with such greatness @chupacraba
GuitarGuy Whoa. Leon just smiled. News Alert. Granted, he just hit someone really hard.
chupacraba LOL. Man you have a big head, Seth @imkindofabigdeal
Imkindofabigdeal Caleb? @CalebisCool @chupacabra
CalebisCool Well’s he’s kind of a big deal, Alex @imkindofabigdeal @chupacraba
chupacraba  I hate you both @CalebisCool @imkindofabigdeal
chupacraba Hey, guess what? @GuitarGuy
GuitarGuy What? @chupacraba
CalebisCool You love me @chupacabra
imkindofabigdeal You love me more @chupacabra
chupacabra true @CalebisCool Love isn’t what I’d go with @imkindofabigdeal
chupacabra I see you @GuitarGuy teehee
imkindofabigdeal what would you go for? @chupacabra
chupacabra Got to go tweeters. Aiden is giving me THAT look. He’s not amused.
CalebisCool peace out home  skillet @chupacabra
imkindofabigdeal when is he ever not giving you THAT look @chupacabra @GuitarGuy
ImQueenLea So many stupid tweets filling up my timeline today. Sigh.


  1. hahaha too funny, I need to read the next book!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVED that! Caleb & Seth rock, Alex is just pure awesomeness, and I <3 Aiden! I don't have Twitter but now I seriously adore it! :)

  3. LOL these were hilarious! Can't wait to read Half-Blood now!

  4. Seth roocckkksssssssss!!!!!!


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