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Review: Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally

Breathe, Annie, Breathe (Hundred Oaks) by Miranda Kenneally

Annie hates running. No matter how far she jogs, she can’t escape the guilt that if she hadn’t broken up with Kyle, he might still be alive. So to honor his memory, she starts preparing for the marathon he intended to race.
But the training is even more grueling than Annie could have imagined. Despite her coaching, she’s at war with her body, her mind—and her heart. With every mile that athletic Jeremiah cheers her on, she grows more conflicted. She wants to run into his arms…and sprint in the opposite direction. For Annie, opening up to love again may be even more of a challenge than crossing the finish line.

Publishes in US: July 15th 2014 by Sourcebooks Fire
Genre: ya contemp
Source: library
Series? yes Hundred Oaks but can read as standalone
#1 Catching Jordan
 Stealing Parker
#4 Racing Savannah

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    I liked Annie as a character and her determination. She is dealing with a lot of grief and perceived guilt. She feels like if she would have done things differently, her ex, Kyle would still be alive, and they could have still been together.

    There was strained family dynamics in this one. Annie and her mom had a big fight and she had projected her guilt on her mom and blamed her that if she didn't push her goals of college on Annie, that she could have said yes to the proposal. At least Annie and her brother is close. She doesn't let any of them talk about her loss, and try to suggest ways to heal or what she should do.

    The running was interesting. I am much like Annie in that I hate to run, never done it well or had the desire to do it. But the regimen of it started to appeal to Annie. She didn't have to worry about what to do with her time, and she found herself looking forward to the running, and the challenge of it.

   She is very conflicted about a new person, a boy, in her life. She feels guilt for having feelings for someone else and thinks its too soon, and also taking over her reason for running. To finish what Kyle couldn't do but put so much time into the training and goal of completing the marathon, But I did enjoy the exploration of the romantic feelings with Jere, and how he helped her to face some things, to realize more about taking chances even with the chance of loss or getting hurt.

   I will mention that while I loved the heat in this one, it is a bit descriptive with foreplay etc, so if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.

   I liked how it came together and left the book with a sense of completion but also hope for their happiness and what's next for the characters.

Bottom Line: Another good one from this series

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Are you a runner?

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