Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anyone watch hockey?

I'm on pins and needles. My team, the Carolina Hurricanes are so close to the playoffs. In just a few minutes, I'm hoping that the Rangers will lose, because if they do--we're guaranteed a spot.  If they win, then it's all on our shoulders vs. Tampa Bay tonight.
It's moments like these where I wonder why I got into the sport, it makes me crazy... But at the same time, the excitement is also why I like it.
So. Yeah. That's my random personal post of the day :)


  1. Is this where I say BOOO!! :) My team seems to be falling apart at the end stretch here (Detroit).

  2. Of course I watch and love hockey, I'm Canadian!


    Even if they're out again. They're still #1!

  3. I live in Vancouver and I'm a rabid Canucks fan -- I'm having the best season ever!!!! :D


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