Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury

Unlocked: A Love Story
Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury
Holden Harris is an autistic eighteen-year-old who is bullied at school. Laura Reynolds is the head cheerleader who befriends Holden but has problems of her own at home. In her trademark way, Kingsbury tackles real-life issues of high school bullying, autism, adultery, and ultimately ... acceptance.
Published in US: Dec 2010
Source: library

My review:
   This is such a powerful and emotional read! It had me crying (both happy and sad for characters) at several points. Ms. Kingsbury really nailed using multiple perspectives, giving us a full story and picture of autism, God's power, healing and the power of music.
   This is christian fiction at its best... I was so wrapped up in the character's lives and voices, pulling for a miracle, and soaking up the message that God can change, He can be there for those who love him, ask of him and trust him to work.
   Bullying and suicide are also addressed, but she handles it well, and it didn't feel like she was stretching to include it in the story, it really matched up well, and evoked emotion from me.
   I'm glad that I picked this up! I don't know why I've waited so long to read it.

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