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It's Time for Good Manners!
Part story book, part practice book, all parts fun! Children will learn about good manners -- and how to tell time -- with this colorful, engaging book.
They'll spend the day with Torie, Tad, Tessa and Tyler and discover how it's time for good manners all day long. And then they'll get the chance to practice telling time -- all while enjoying the cute clock designs, and without realizing they're learning!
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The Kids' (and parents', too!) Book of Good Sportsmanship

Do you have little athletes in your family? Then this colorful, engaging book is the perfect way to help them understand what it means - and how important it is - to be a Good Sport. Soccer? Dancing? Swimming? Whatever sport they do, they'll learn easy, basic sports manners through reading familiar situations featuring kids just like them. Parents, you'll also find handy reminders for you with each tip, so that the entire family can learn to be Good Sports together.
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About the Author:

Leslie A. Susskind lives with her husband, daughters and two cats outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she writes children’s books while working in marketing and trying to keep up with everyone’s activities.
She is a BIG bookworm and loves to read just about anything she can get her hands on. She also loves to watch home improvement TV shows (and tries to convince her husband to do the projects), sing in choirs, and watch movies (especially anything Jane Austin). Sometimes she can even be found cooking without a microwave.
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"It's Time for Good Manners" is a great package workbook for children ages 4-7, combining learning twin virtues of considerateness and courtesy and punctuality."

“If ever a book was needed for this time, then this is it.”

“A fun way to learn how to tell time.”

“…good book for introducing time to students in earlier grades.”
“This is a great easy read that reminds not just the kids in your family but also parents, and in my case, grandparents how important it is to be a Good Sport. Basic sports etiquette that works just as well with Dad's Sunday Soccer game as with the munchkin's is presented in an engaging and entertaining way. Memorable reminders teach this important etiquette and keep it top of mind and simple for the whole family!”

“The Kids' (and parents', too!) Book of Good Sportsmanship” is a guidebook for raising winners, both on and off the field!"

“Children need more books like this, to teach important lessons. Parents are as big a factor in a child's perception of sports as the children themselves, and the parents attitude becomes the children's. This book teaches children that no one should take sports so seriously that they get angry, be rude, but instead, be gracious, respectful and have fun with it.”

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Copied from Leslie's site to show a sample of her writing and personality. 

Tips for getting your kids ready for back to school

New backpacks, school supplies, a carefully thought out organization station, and a Mom/daughters tradition -- like so many families, here in the Good Manners Household we've been busy getting ready for Back to School.

It seems like a split second ago that school was out and we were half-heartedly picking through all of the school papers, broken crayons and pencils, books and artwork the Good Manners daughters brought home. Now we're in full gear, checking the new school supply lists against what's still usable from last year and replacing/finding all the new stuff. Two trips to Staples later, I think we also need to swing by Kmart or Target. And we still need a blouse for one and shoes for the other for their first day of school outfits.

This year we upped the ante (and the stress level) a little bit because we decided to let the Good Manners Daughters upgrade their bedrooms. Seemed like a good idea at the time but we're still waiting for one carpet remnant to be bound, and another bed to be delivered. (Hopefully by Halloween we'll be finished.)

But, most importantly, we've been working on organization! We know from sad, past experience that lack of organization makes it hard to be successful! Everyone gave their suggestions how to set up our organization station right were we all come into the house from the garage. I'm hoping since we all came up with it that everyone will enjoy the changes and try to make it work!

The goal was to have the coats, backpacks, shoes, mail, papers, etc., in one place instead of strewn throughout the house the way it usually is! We're putting hooks up for coats and baskets under a narrow table for shoes; we're putting out a boxes on the table for mail, and recycling the mail and underneath we're putting the shredder. The girls should be able to grab everything they need from this one place when we're rushing out the door for the bus. We've put up a black board and cork board so that we can put invitations and notes down there instead of on the refrigerator; we also changed the answering machine location to down there.

Earlier today we set ourselves up on Google Calendars to coordinate our schedules so that Good Manners Dad and I can stay on top of our jobs and our family's busy activities.

Now for the Mother/Daughters tradition -- I took the Good Manners Daughters for dinner and manicures/pedicures! A splurge but something we always enjoy. (And it sure was relaxing after all that last minute organizing!)

After school starts I'll be posting soon with good manners stuff, including updates on my manners-themed books. A new one on table manners is going to be published in October (The kids' and parents', too) Book of Good Sportsmanship is getting a lot of attention with fall sports, and it andIt's Time for Good Manners! are perfect for back to school.)

Happy Back to School,

My question to you, my lovely readers:

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