Saturday, April 26, 2014

Switching to Disqus

Update: Decided to go with Disqus--there were some issues with ID, and couldn't comment with IE. Hopefully this will work out. 

Tonight I am in the process of switching to Intense Debate! Please let me know if something is broken, or doesn't look right to you.
If you haven't already, you might want to create an account, I've found that easier and quicker for the sites that have it when I am commenting there, and I can get an email when a comment is replied to. So, I am hoping that lots of you like doing that too.

One of the main reasons I am switching is because I want to build up interaction here, and I know that I don't remember to check back on blogs I have commented on unless I get an email.

Feel free to let me know what works, if this is a good change for my readers or if you've had issues, or problems with commenting on intensedebate blogs.

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