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Night Sky by Jolene Perry Tour Stop

After losing Sarah, the friend he’s loved, to some other guy, Jameson meets Sky. Her Native American roots, fluid movements, and need for brutal honesty become addictive fast. This is good. Jameson needs distraction – his dad leaves for another woman, his mom’s walking around like a zombie, and Sarah’s new boyfriend can’t keep his hands off of her.
As he spends time with Sky and learns about her village, her totems, and her friends with drums - she's way more than distraction. Jameson's falling for her fast.
But Sky’s need for honesty somehow doesn’t extend to her life story – and Jameson just may need more than his new girl to keep him distracted from the disaster of his senior year.

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Guest post from Ms. Perry, on music/playlist from Night Sky:

In Night Sky, Jameson's class was given this bizarre assignment from a teacher to find something from their birth year that they connected with.

Jameson was born in the mid nineties, and after digging through some really grungy fashion, a few books that didn't suit him, he settled on the music.

Once he got started on the whole nineties rock thing, he couldn't stop.

It began with Nirvana, because they came up on every search he did for nineties pop culture.
He played Nevermind over and over and over, both in his Golf and his dad's Porsche.

He went from Nirvana, to Pearl Jam, but they were too soft, so he ended up with a few albums from Infectious Grooves and Primus. Alice in Chains came next, and since people still listen to U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, only people just call them RHCP, he kept it up.

Jay gets crap from his friends about it, especially Sarah, but it doesn't bother him in the least. Nirvana helps him win swim meets, and that's what he cares about.

When he met Sky, he pretty much just needed her talking as he drove, and started saving the grunge rock for swim practice.

~ Jolene

And a Tens list:

In NO particular order except this is how they came to me, and I stuck with contemporary . . .

1. The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams - I could NOT put this book down until I knew what was going to happen to this girl. Wow.
2. Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler - really, anything by Ockler, I just love the way she puts words together.
3. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, because Cricket . . . swoon.
4. Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols because there was a WHOLE lot of lead-up between those two - fab tension.
5. Looking For Alaska by John Green, or really anything he's written. I think Alaska will always be my fav if for no other reason than it was the first one he wrote.
6. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson - Most people say Speak, but the language in Wintergirls was just inspiring.
7. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by Cohen and Levithan - I LOVE those two authors together, and hope they keep working together.
8. With or Without You by Brian Farrey - this book really hit me, and I just loved it. I actually took like a day break in the middle because the characters were so amazing, so real, that it was draining me.
9. Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers because I just LOVE how she puts words together.
10. Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally because it was just sexy and FUN.

And that's my top-ten favorite YA Contemp reads!

Thanks so much for having me today!!

~ Jolene

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Jolene Perry's Bio:
Jolene grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in political science and French, which she used to teach math to middle schoolers.

After living in Washington, Utah and Las Vegas, she now resides in Alaska with her husband, and two children. Aside from writing, Jolene sews, plays the guitar, sings when forced, and spends as much time outside as possible.

She is also the author of The Next Door Boys and the upcoming Knee Deep.

Release: March 1, 2012

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