Monday, April 6, 2015

New author hosting options here at Brandi Breathes Books

I have a several options for hosting authors on my blog. I have a free service which you can compare with the next paragraph, my new paid sponsored post packages.

My new packages:

I will do a sponsored post which includes: weekday top posting, tweeting of post by me and a group of other bloggers. I will visit 10-50 blogs and comment on their posts and they are good about returning and commenting on mine back. This service does have a cost.

-Level A is if you want just a ebook or print copy of your book and it is $15.

-Level B is the most popular and is $25 dollars. This level is if want to have a giveaway of $10 paypal or amazon/book depository as well as a print or ebook copy of your book.

-Level C is if you want a higher amount for the gift card then it will increase by that amount. For example. if you want a $25 giftcard, then the total would be $40.

If you chose the sponsored post package you can request to have readers follow your twitter, facebook, blog, add your book to their goodreads lists, etc. You chose up to three places (one will be mandatory, the rest optional) if you are doing level A. You chose up to four places (one will be mandatory, the rest optional) if you are doing level B. You chose an additional place per ten dollar increase of gift card (two will be mandatory, the rest optional) if you are doing level C.

My free service consists of guest post and giveaway on weekend, evening or early morning, and it will most likely not be the top post that day. This impacts page views because I visit other blogs and comment, and they usually will just view the top page of that day and comment on that post. For the free service, you chose one place for readers to follow you, and let me know if you are giving away print or ebook format. (The follow will not be mandatory) If you would like to add a giveaway for a gift card then you may pick two places for readers to follow you (one mandatory and one optional).

Giveaway information: Make sure you include the links of all of your social media and the buy links for your books. Even if not included on giveaway, I will include this information in the post. Also note that all of my giveaways have a free entry option, this is in accordance with my understanding of the giveaway guidelines for blogger. Also please let me know if the giveaway will be international, US only, US/Canada, etc.

Also be aware that I am a stay at home mom and blogging is a hobby. It could take a while to get back to you in the first place, and possible more delays even when you send the guest post and giveaway information. If you are worried I missed your email, feel free to reply again. The best way for me to keep up is to reply directly to this email. If you want to add your level (A,B,C or free) to the end of original subject (with the RE: at the beginning still) that is also helpful.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I look forward to hosting you on my blog. Let me know if you have any questions.

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