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Sponsored Giveaway and Guest Post: The Dragon Of The Month Club by Iain Reading

The Dragon Of The Month Club by Iain Reading
The Dragon Of The Month Club is the exciting first installment in a new book series that tells the story of Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers, two best friends who stumble across an extraordinarily magical book and soon find themselves enrolled as members of a very special and exclusive club - The Dragon of the Month Club.
On the thirteenth of every month a new dragon conjuring spell is revealed and the two friends attempt to summon the latest Dragon of the Month. The varieties are almost endless: Air Dragons, Paper Dragons, Fog Dragons, Waterfall Dragons, Rock Dragons, Tree Dragons - not to mention special bonus dragons for all the major holidays, including a particularly prickly Holly Dragon for Christmas.
But one day when a conjuring spell somehow goes wrong Ayana and Tyler find themselves unexpectedly drawn into a fantastical world of adventure based on the various books scattered all across Tyler's messy bedroom. Travelling from one book-inspired world to the next with nothing to rely on but their wits and a cast of strange and exotic dragons at their disposal they must try to somehow find their way home again.
Drawing inspiration from some of literature's most memorable stories - from 19th century German folktales to the streets of Sherlock Holmes's London - the adventures of Ayana and Tyler bring these classic stories to life in delightfully strange and unexpected ways. Filled with fascinating detail and non-stop action these books will spark the imaginations of readers of all ages to inspire a life-long love of reading and seeking out books that are just a little bit off the beaten track.
To read an excerpt from the book, go to

Additional giveaway (mine is at the bottom)
Contest:There is an ongoing contest for readers to win a one-of-a-kind hardcover version of The Dragon of the Month Club with their artwork as the cover.“Draw a picture! Write a story! Take a photograph! Bake some cookies! Mold a dragon out of clay! Knit one out of yarn! Make one out of LEGO! Whatever you want! Just let your imagination run wild because anything goes – the more creative the better! Send your dragon in and then on the 13th day of every month one entry will be chosen at random and featured on the official Dragon Of The Month Club website. Each month’s lucky winner will also receive a free one-of-a-kind personalized hard-cover edition of The Dragon Of The Month Club book featuring their winning artwork (or other creative content) on the cover or inside the book itself,” says Iain

About the Author:Iain Reading is passionate about Root Beer, music, and writing. He is Canadian, but currently resides in the Netherlands working for the United Nations. Iain writes young adult novels. He is the author of the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series, The Wizards of Waterfire Series, and the dragon of the month club. Tolearn more, go to

What Comes First? The Book Or Its Cover? It's kind of a "chicken or the egg" kind of question: what came first?  The book or its cover?  For me it's almost always the cover.Ever since writing my first real book (Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold) I have often had the habit of commissioning the cover art before actually writing the book.  That trend continues even now as I sit here staring at a print of the nearly completed cover art for Kitty Hawk book #6 while sitting at a computer that contains no more than four thousand finished words (less than 5%) of the book itself.To me it makes perfect sense to do it this way (although I am told that it is not usually how things are done).  After all, before you write a book don't you at least have to have a pretty good idea what is going to happen in it?  And that being true, why not make the cover art as soon as possible?  I personally find staring at the cover art to be incredibly inspiring.  I can't wait to write the scenes of Kitty Hawk and her adventures in Egypt, sneaking past the pyramids and the Sphinx in the middle of the night.
But what's this piece of paper in her hand?  I have no idea.  Not even me, the soon-to-be-author of the book, knows what that piece of paper is or why it's important to the story.  And therein lies one of the truly magical things about writing for me...  how a story and images can take on a life of their own, leading the way forward and leaving you (the author) breathless and struggling to keep up behind them.In that sense I suppose it's not so much a "chicken or the egg" kind of question anymore.  What came first?  The book or its cover? Neither, I guess.  The characters and their stories come first and no matter whether you breathe life into them in artwork or words, they come alive all the same.

Giveaway is for: 1 copy of the book (paperback, international). To enter the giveaway, please follow Iain on Twitter:

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