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Short and Tweet: The Defiant by Lisa M. Stasse and Falls the Shadow by Stefanie Gaither

The Defiant (The Forsaken #3) by Lisa M. Stasse
In this gripping conclusion to The Forsaken Trilogy, Alenna’s loyalties are put the ultimate test—and it’s one of life and death.
Alenna Shawcross and the others who escaped the wheel are working toward an all-out assault on the United Northern Alliance. The plan is to dismantle it from the inside—and Alenna is one of the few people who can access the organization’s inner sanctum. But when she returns to the home she has nearly forgotten, she encounters old friends and is swept into a secret plan that puts everything she loves in danger.
Knowing what is at stake for her and her friends, Alenna ventures into the heart of the treacherous UNA. She’s determined to bring them down, because freedom is the only choice. Or is it?


Publishes in US: July 8th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Genre: ya dystopia
Source: bought
Series? The Forsaken #3
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#1 The Forsaken
#2 The Uprising 

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Karen at For What It's Worth and Mary at The Book Swarm occasionally post twitter-style reviews. Karen calls hers Short and Tweet, and I am going to borrow that review style here.

Fast paced, action packed conclusion. Aleena is stronger than ever & also put to the test. So many twists including betrayals. Somewhat HEA.
Okay, I will explain in a bit more detail my "somewhat HEA" since its the series conclusion. This is a story with an uprising, a story about trying to take control of a corrupt government. So yes, some people do die, a lot of no names on both sides in fact. And the country is pretty torn up after the decisions of leaders on both sides. But its hopeful, and it left me satisfied. 

When Cate Benson was a kid, her sister, Violet, died. Two hours after the funeral, Cate’s family picked up Violet’s replacement. Like nothing had happened. Because Cate’s parents are among those who decided to give their children a sort of immortality—by cloning them at birth—which means this new Violet has the same smile. The same perfect face. Thanks to advancements in mind-uploading technology, she even has all of the same memories as the girl she replaced.
She also might have murdered the most popular girl in school.
At least, that’s what the paparazzi and the anti-cloning protestors want everyone to think: that clones are violent, unpredictable monsters. Cate is used to hearing all that. She’s used to defending her sister, too. But Violet has vanished, and when Cate sets out to find her, she ends up in the line of fire instead. Because Cate is getting dangerously close to secrets that will rock the foundation of everything she thought was true.
In a thrilling debut, Stefanie Gaither takes readers on a nail-biting ride through a future that looks frighteningly similar to our own time and asks: how far are you willing to go to keep your family together?


Publishes in US: September 16th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young 
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Source: Simon Teen via Edelweiss

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Great premise and mystery but slow beginning and connecting to main character. Didn't understand how cloned twin was so different.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Is there anyone that you trust completely? (outside family)


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  2. Ah it's difficult when it's like that at first but well it's intriguing as well.

  3. I haven't read The Forsaken trilogy so don't know about that, but I loved Falls the Shadow, but agree, it did have a slow beginning (I almost gave p because of that) but really got into it once it got going. I think the twins different because while it does have her memories and actions, it doesn't have the essence of a person, I guess. You can replicate and create a lot, but you can't create what makes you, I guess. It was a thinker book, which was what I loved about it. :)
    Outside of family? Not really, I mean, I love my friends and everything, and I can tell them everything but I wouldn't trust them with my life or anything...

  4. The library has a Stasse book, must go check which one

  5. I haven't read any of the Forsaken trilogy but I have heard about it, so maybe I should pick it up. And I do love the cover so as well, which is only a plus ;) As for the other book, it's a shame about the style :/ For the post, I do say I like full blow reviews more, but when you're short on time this must be pretty ideal!

  6. I cannot believe that the 3rd book is out while I still haven't read the first one. I do like the sound of this one and somewhat HEA seems good to me. Great review, Brandi :)

  7. I love Karen :) :)
    Like Tanja, I have not started the Forsaken books yet, but I think a kind-of-HEA works great for a dystopian.
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  8. I know, so hard to be semi-realistic with the dystopia and still satisfy the quota of secondary characters that survive and somehow making the romance work

  9. Yeah, with the 3rd in series and not being a review book it seemed perfect and then def the time issues with Falls

  10. It is true you can't create the essence

  11. I know, I need something to get my attention right away

  12. I haven't heard much about either, but I remember hearing good things about the first ones series.


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