Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Accused by Kate Kaynak

Accused by Kate Kaynak
We have ways of making you talk. 
Who not has Isaiah's files? Someone in the government knows about Ganzfield... and he has special reasons to target Maddie.
Publishes in US: Aug 15th 2011
4th in Ganzfield series

My Review
  Kate did it again! Accused was thrilling and I never wanted to put it down. If you haven't read this series yet, you are seriously missing out, and I'm telling you--this is the good stuff, and you are missing one of the best series ever. 

  I'm already attached to Maddie, but I felt so much for her in this book. As if she hasn't gone through enough, she's taken on another rollercoaster ride, and Kate thinks up whole new ways to torture her. ;)
The details are amazing, and I feel like I'm right there with her dealing with everything she's going through even though some of it is not so pleasant.
   Trevor is as awesome as ever in this book, and there are some really intense scenes between him and Maddie, and although I can't really say much more than that, just prepare yourself! There were a few scenes that he absolutely surprised me, and I never really saw it coming, and now I can't wait to find out how it resolves, but alas, I'm left waiting and anxiously tapping my foot for more.
   Kate wrote some amazingly funny scenes in this one, and had me rolling and my husband giving me that look like he's trying to decide if I need to be committed...
   So, if you can't tell, I def recommend this one.

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