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Review: Kane Richards Must Die by Shanice Williams

Kane Richards Must Die by Shanice Williams
Kane Richards Must Die by Shanice Williams
After an unexpected transfer to the States for her senior year, Suranne's new friends give her just one instruction: stay away from Kane Richards. According to everyone, he's a heartless playboy concerned only for himself. With one glance, it's easy to see why he gets away with it. But things aren't always what they seem- especially when he sets his sights on her and whispers that she's different.
Despite all the red flags, Suranne considers whether or not his intentions are genuine or if she's simply another name on his list. In the process, she may just uncover the real Kane Richards. But, when it comes down to it, the real Kane Richards may not want to be found.
Filled with raw emotion, Kane Richards Must Die explores relationships, trust, love, and what can happen when life takes an unexpected turn.
Published in US May 2011
Source: publisher for review

My Review:

  This is an easy read and I finished in less than 24 hours. The characters were entertaining, with voices that drew me in.
  Certain scenes made me laugh (flowers remin. from wide awake) and others made me want to cry.
  My only complaints: the title didn't seem to fit, and initially turned me off, the cover, and the repeated use of whilst. It just bothered me a bit. I also must say that the intimate scenes are a bit graphic, but I read fanfic so it was nothing to me.
  Otherwise, loved this story. It was neat to have the British voice from Suranne, and a guy's POV from Kane--which seemed authentic to me. Suranne's descriptions of Kane made my mouth water, and when they were kissing in the book I could almost feel my lips tingling.
  Although well wrapped up, I wanted more from the ending... which is not always a bad thing.
  If you like a bad boy turned to one good girl, I'd say to give this one a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised, just like me, because I really enjoyed this one.


  1. I loved this story too, but my main issue with it was the title. It just did not fit at all, and almost turned me off in the beginning.

  2. Ooh I love the sound of this one! Interesting that part of it is from Kane's POV - I love reading from a boy's point of view. Thanks for the review, and glad you enjoyed it :).

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