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Author Interview with SB Sebrick

Decoy (Assassin's Rising)
Decoy by SB Sebrick
The last few grueling years of training have served Kaltor well. He’s learned to harness the magic within his body, overcome a stronger opponent, avoid capture, and everything else an assassin-in-training needs to survive.
Or so he thought.
But when those they protect at an excavation site release a demon from the Abyss itself, Kaltor realizes just how poorly prepared they all are for what’s coming. Within a single night, their mining camp of one thousand people plummets to a couple hundred terrified survivors, the majority turned against each other by the demon’s potent abilities. Then she turns towards Shaylis, the largest city in the region, for the next stage of her plan.
In a constant battle of both steel and strategy Kaltor and his friends struggle to delay, deceive and defeat their opponent, who’s spent the last thousand years planning out every detail of her assault to perfection. As the number of casualties mounts and her final plan comes to light, Kaltor is left with only one option. He must draw on the secret power within himself, knowing if his true identity is discovered, his life and the fate of the world, will be changed forever.

--The Twitter version: tell us about your book in 140 characters or less.

Kaltor Stratagar and his allies battle against a Demon from the Abyss itself for the future of Shaylis.

--How did you get the idea for the story?

I’ve been wanting to write an assassin-in-training novel for a while now, and pitting him against a Demon turned out to work perfectly with what I wanted for the rest of the series.

--Which character would you most/least like to have dinner with?

I'd love to sit down with Kaltor and hear some of his stories from training. Granted he'd eat me out of house and home but the extra intel would be well worth it. His dad Gereth wouldn't be as much fun though, he sometimes comes across as a know-it-all type.

--What are some of your favorite books? Do you still have much time to read?

Lately I've been trying to read as well as write, to keep the creative juices flowing. I finished Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy a few months ago and now I'm working on the Wheel of Time Series he's wrapping up. Towers of Midnight's so good I've been having a hard time getting a full night's sleep!

--Do you have any other works in progress? Any teasers or release dates?
Later this month I'm planning to publish the second book in Kaltor's story, Deluge. Stay tuned for it!

--If a fairy godmother told you your life could be like a favorite book for 24 hours, which book would you pick and why?

Harry Potter. I'm sure there's a spell somewhere for photographic memory. Straight A's at college here I come!

--Do you need anything to write (music, coffee, etc)? Are there any songs on your

playlist- songs that inspired you or that were playing while you wrote?

I have a MUCH easier time writing when I have some music in the back ground. My tastes vary ALOTdepending on my mood. But some groups I listen to often are Unsun, E Nomine, Linkin Park, Celtic Rock etc. Lose Yourself by Eminem is one song that kind of inspires me to push harder, along with the Halo 3 Theme Song for reasons I don't totally understand.

--If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

Wolverine, definitely. No aging, insta-heals and adamantium claws? You'd save ALOT of money on home security systems :)

--Besides writing, what do you like to do in your free time?
My family is big on card games each weekend. My cousins and I sometimes play laser tag, paintball or video games for guys' night out. Some online games help me keep track of my friends on the other side of the country. Don't forget swing and latin dancing, those are fun.

--Is there anything else you want to add or say to your readers?

You guys rock :)

Lightning round: this or that? Some of these longer responses might be funny, but if not just go with the one word answers.

Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate, european please. Belguim's been holding out on us!

Edward or Jacob? Jacob, according to my sisters. Warm and buff vs skinny and cold, not even a contest they say.

Hockey or soccer? Soccer, two years living in Argentina. Gotta stick by my latin friends!

Ebook or paper? Paper if I REALLY like the book.

Salty or sweet? Salty. Mmmm.

Beach or mountains? Well, up here in the Pacific Northwest the beach is COOOOLD, so definatelymountains.

Phone call or email? Email.

Early bird or night owl? Aspiring early bird, perpetual night owl.

Dog or cat? Dog, but he stays outside.

Messy or neat? Messy (to my undying shame...)
Ninjas or pirates? Ninjas. You'll understand once you've read Decoy ;)
Check out the author site here for writing samples:

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  1. Haha, I love that he said he wants to live in Harry Potter's world so he can find the spell for photographic memory and get straight A's in college.


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