Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Booking through Thursday

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I'm doing the question from last week because I missed it and wanna answer.
Have you every written any fan-fiction? If yes, why and for which book(s)? If no, would you like to and for which books(s)?
For that matter, do you ever READ fan-fiction??
I have written a chapter for Vampire Academy when I was waiting on the last book to come out, but I didn't get into it.
I've read a lot of fanfiction, mostly for Twilight and some for Vampire Academy.

Some of my favorites:
Wide Awake
Only Human
In the blink of an Eye

Most of this was before I got into book blogging so I didn't have a mountainous TBR shelf,and a great source to get more suggestions. But there were some great stories out there, but also some not so great ones as well.

What about you? Read or write or neither? Got any Twilight faves to share?
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  1. The only book I wrote fanfiction for was the Private series by kate brian. I do tend to read the VA fanfictions, i love the one that is called the search for Rosemarie Mazur.

  2. I never wrote fan fiction. I think it's fun that some people do, but as you mention Mount TBR is huge and the fan fiction vary a lot in quality.

    1. That is so true. For every great one I read, I waded through probably 10 or more not great ones.

  3. Fan fiction? I'm obviously missing something here.

    1. Its when a fan writes a continuation of story or alternate ending, etc.
      Twilight, Harry Potter, and LoTR are pretty popular.

  4. While I love so many worlds and would like to play in/with some of them, I never have written fan fiction. Too many shiny ideas of my own, I guess!

  5. I don't write fan fiction, and as you say, we hardly have the time with those beast that are our TBR.

    Thanks to stop by Jessy's Bookends. Love the photo on your blog button

    1. When I discovered fanfic, I didn't have the mountain that is my TBR, but now def can't find much time.


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