Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Radiate by Marley Gibson

Radiate by Marley Gibson
Hayley Matthews is determined to be the best cheerleader she can. She works hard
and pushes herself 110% all the time.
Then Hayley finds a lump on her leg. The diagnosis is cancer. The prognosis is
unclear. She could lose her leg. Or maybe her life.
At first Haley is scared, terrified. In an instant, everything she’s worked for seems
out of reach. But Haley is strong. She’s going to fight this disease. She will not let it
take her life or her dreams.
Published in US: Apr 3rd 2012
Source: Netgalley

My Review:
     Hayley is such an inspiring character. She's so positive and I'd hope that if I ever got cancer, I could keep that kind of attitude. This is more than a book about cancer though, it is a book about survival, the bonds of family, and about living to fight another day so that you can do what you love. Hayley was so strong, and it kinda inspired me to be a better person. She went through so much more than I have and I've been much more down than her, but I love that she still made time for others, and didn't get so focused on herself.
     I related to this book because even though there is nothing wrong with being a "band geek" or a "jrotc nerd" which was exactly what I was, and mostly happy about it, I wondered occasionally how the popular side lived. It was neat to read about someone crossing that divide, being able to fit in and loving what she does.
    Not only is Hayley a great main character, I also enjoyed Lora and Gabriel. They rang true to me, and I would love to have friends like them.
    This book is very emotional at times, I was tearing up at a few parts, and I think that Ms. Gibson did a good job being descriptive, moving the plot along, and making me connect with the characters.
    It made it even more awesome that Ms. Gibson wrote from experience and her personal life, and the foundation that she started.
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  1. Sounds good but I try not to read 'cancer' books, usually they are too sad ;(

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    New follower!:)

    glass @ I'm a reader, what about you?

  3. Sounds like a book with a lot of true emotions. Thanks for sharing this review!

  4. Sounds inspiring and hopeful! I'm an easy crier so I know I will end up crying if I ever pick this one up.

  5. This book was so emotional for me! Almost every word, every scene provoked very strong feelings-often crying, but also happiness and feeling inspired by Hayley's bravery and optimism. A great read!

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