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$25 Amazon Giveaway and Signed My Butterfly and Interview with Laura Miller

My Butterfly (Butterfly Weeds, #2)

Will Stephens doesn’t chase dreams outside of his small, Missouri town. He’s perfectly happy with his high school sweetheart in his arms, his guitar and his quiet, summer nights. But life for Will is about to change. He’s about to find out what it’s like to chase a dream—one he has loved since he first laid eyes on her.
A firefighter by day and a musician by night, Will balances his dangerous career with his weekend gigs, but his mind is never far from Julia Lang. They said their goodbyes years ago, but Will now hopes a song from their past will help Julia stop and remember a life they once shared together. His only fear is that he’s waited too long to get his song to her ears.

interview with Blkosiner's Book Blog

Twitter summary:
A firefighter and a musician,Will Stephens balances his dangerous career with his weekend gigs, but his mind is never far from Julia Lang.
Idea for story:
I love the idea of a love lasting a lifetime, and I wanted to write a contemporary story that shared that kind of love. Will and Julia in My Butterfly share that kind of love.
My Butterfly is the sequel to Butterfly Weeds, though both novels can stand alone. I wrote Butterfly Weeds first, telling Will and Julia's story through the heroine Julia Lang's eyes. I really had no intention of writing a sequel, but fans of the book said that they wanted to hear the story from Will's perspective. Thus, My Butterfly was born! I had a lot of fun writing through Will's eyes. He shares a completely different perspective than Julia does. Only Will knows best the dangerous details of his firefighting career, the missteps he takes in chasing Julia and the thoughts that go through his mind while he's singing about the girl from his past.
Character and dinner:
I would most like to have dinner with Will Stephens. He’s the hero in My Butterfly—a firefighter turned singer/songwriter, sexy, modest and best of all, he knows how to love. But I'd probably have to get clearance from my husband first!
Other works:
I do have a project in the works! I’m really excited about it. It’s a love story with a little twist! It's not quite ready for a teaser, but follow me, and I promise one or two soon!
Book's cousin:
I’d have to say that My Butterfly is a contemporary cousin of The Notebook in that both stories share the theme of enduring love. However, unlike the The NotebookMy Butterfly takes place in present, rural Missouri and follows main character Will Stephens as he fights fires and writes songs about the girl from his small-town past.
Time to read:
Yes! I love to read. I read in a lot of different genres—but I guess I mostly read contemporary, love stories and memoirs. I'm a sucker for anything with a love story in it, and I'm also really fascinated with the lives of everyday people. I'm always trying to get my friends and family to write down their life stories. There is no such thing as an ordinary life!
World of favorite book:
Hmm...good question! Let’s just say first, not the Hunger Games! Just watching "the reaping" makes me nervous. Maybe Twilight, to be with Edward, but then again, I'm not so sure I want to become a vampire either or risk getting eaten by one. 
Need anything to write:
Oh, gosh. Let's see. I need my laptop, of course, a bottle of water and sticky notes. All my thoughts end up on a sticky note stuck to my desk at some point in time! Sadly, I don’t usually listen to music while I write. I feel like it gets too crowded in my head with the music, my thoughts and my characters' thoughts all floating around. But I love music, and I pretty much listen to it any time that I’m not writing!
Flying! Hands down. I’ve wanted to fly since I was a kid. When I was five, I went around our farm and collected up all the goose feathers that I could find. Then, I electrical taped (the only tape I could find) the feathers to my arms and jumped off a hayloft ladder. True story.
Free time:
I ran track in college, so I still love to run and bike with my husband most days. I love spending time with my family, and I also love DIY (Do it yourself) projects and antiquing. Yes, antiquing is a word if you grew up in rural Missouri!
15-year-old self:
I would say: "15-year-old self, DO NOT care so much about what other people think. Be confident. Act silly. Dance when you feel like it. Sing when you want. Don't be afraid to take chances. You will fail sometimes, but you can't climb without failing a couple of times first!"
Anything to add:
I'm truly grateful for the readers of Butterfly Weeds and My Butterfly and all the Will Stephens fans out there who have taken the time to express and share their love for Will and Julia's small-town romance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Lightning round:
Chocolate every time.
Edward. Always.
Hockey—for my husband.

Either ebook or paper!

Both salty and sweet!



Night owl.


Neat--most of the time.
Ninja! I have a purple belt in Karate, which sounds pretty cool, maybe, until I tell you that the ten-year-old next to me at the time received the same belt! 

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  1. I love hearing stories from the other character's POV. The advice to the 15 year old self was fantastic! I also would choose flying as a superpower. Excellent interview :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  2. Oh I really like the cover and the idea. I wish someone told 15-year-old me not to care about what other people thing. Sadly sometimes you have to learn that the hard way. Great interview :)

  3. I love question about the author taking one of their characters to dinner. Great interview.


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