Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Twilight Tuesdays: What else would you like to read about in the Twiuniverse?

I wanted to do this because my love for Twilight has recently been rekindled and hoping there are some more Edward lovers (or Jacob shippers I do suppose) out there to keep it alive with me.

I would love to see Midnight Sun finished. (check out this link if you don't know what I am talking about)

I also wouldn't mind more from the Cullen family, and a movie centered around Jacob and Renesme is hinted at in the NY Times when they are talking about the Storytellers. (click here if you don't know what this short film series based in Twilight universe is all about.)

Why Twilight Tuesdays?
I really loved the storytelling and the characters, and the romance. It all made me have that drive to read more and find out what happened next. It also led me to blogging, because I found some awesome blogs that had lists of books to read after Twilight, and though I dealt with Post-Awesome-Book-Depression because the Twilight series gave me all the feels, eventually I found others that tickled my fancy with the help of my library and book bloggers with awesome recs and reviews.

Disclaimer: Okay. I am sure this has been hosted somewhere, but a quick search didn't show anything current in the blogosphere. Let me know if you know of somewhere. But I am not making it a hop or anything, so hopefully not stepping on any toes.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
What else would you like to read about in the Twiuniverse?

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