Thursday, May 5, 2011

Character interview with Nick from I'm Not Her

I'm Not Her
Character interview with Nick from I'm Not Her

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Thanks for being here Nick!
If you could draw one body part for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I know some might expect me to pick something obvious and sexist, but honestly I’d choose eyes. There are so many subtle emotions artists can convey through eyes.  Drawing eyes would keep me interested.

How did you get the nickname of man-whore? And what's the DEAL with Bree?
My nickname is Man Whore? From Tess?  She’s sweet, so obviously she doesn’t mean it. If it’s coming from other people, I think maybe the origin of the nickname might be kind of obvious.
And Bree? She’s fun. She’s a nice girl who doesn’t want anything serious from me, and doesn’t make me work hard to be with her.  While I might not call her my girlfriend, we hang out. It’s cool.  
What's your favorite song? What memories come to mind when you hear it?
I Hope You Dance.  My mom used to sing it to me.
At the first party were you interested in Tess at all or was it all about Kristina?
Man, I was pretty out of it that night.  I guess I must have felt a little sorry for Tess. She looked kind of scared and out of place. Sort of like my sister.  Kristina looked hot. I remember that.
Is age the only factor holding you back from Tess?
Tess is the kind of girl who requires work. She gets under my skin.  She’s real. I don’t know that I’m that I’m ready for that kind of thing at this point in my life.  I don’t want to hurt her. 
If you know that you aren't good enough for her, why don't you change?'
Sounds pretty easy in theory but how many leopards do you see running around with new spots?

Do you see yourself immune to the effects of alcohol? How do you think that others see you when you're drinking?
I’m a chip off the old block, right? Definitely not immune.  I never thought much about how others see me. They probably think I’m an asshole.  They’re probably right. 
What's your favorite book?
Waiting to Score by JE MacLeod.   I like the author. 


  1. I love character interviews because they give me insight about the book. I really want to read this book!

  2. Great character interview, I do like those..but sure gotta be hard to write

  3. I just ordered I'm Not Her, and I really can't wait to read it! Great character interview - I love reading those, they're always fun (:

  4. Character interviews are my favorite:) Nick is certainly interesting - he seems to know who he is even if who that is isn't necessarily someone everyone would care for. Definitely looking forward to reading this one, great questions Brandi!

  5. Ha ha! Nick sounds like an awesome character. Great interview! :)

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