Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz

Gone, Gone, Gone
Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz
In the wake of the post-9/11 sniper shootings, fragile love finds a stronghold in this intense, romantic novel from the author of Break and Invincible Summer.
It's a year after 9/11. Sniper shootings throughout the D.C. area have everyone on edge and trying to make sense of these random acts of violence. Meanwhile, Craig and Lio are just trying to make sense of their lives. Craig’s crushing on quiet, distant Lio, and preoccupied with what it meant when Lio kissed him...and if he’ll do it again...and if kissing Lio will help him finally get over his ex-boyfriend, Cody.Lio feels most alive when he's with Craig. He forgets about his broken family, his dead brother, and the messed up world. But being with Craig means being vulnerable...and Lio will have to decide whether love is worth the risk.
This intense, romantic novel from the author of Break and Invincible Summer is a poignant look at what it is to feel needed, connected, and alive.
Published in US: April 17th 2012
Source: Simon Galley Grab

My Review:
    At first I thought that there was something wrong with Craig, besides his depression/obsession with animals. Something about his voice, it didn't sound like an authentic teen, but as the book went on, I either got used to it, or it fit the character more than I am giving it credit for.
    While there are some differences in the voice of Craig and Lio, I got confused at whose perspective it was from. I know that each had unique problems and quirks, so I had to look for those cues rather than the voice style.
    I appreciated that these books talked a lot about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, as well as an event I really didn't know about--the sniper shootings. This is an event that effects us all, but I really haven't read much that takes a perspective of someone who lost a loved one in 9/11. I also liked the theme of every life lost deserves to be honored, and the struggle of is one loss worth less than the loss of many?
    She did the love stories in this one really well. I didn't feel like it was shoved in my face that this is a gay couple, it just seemed natural.
    I enjoyed Hannah's other books more than this one, but I liked this one nevertheless.
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  1. Depression/obsession with animals? Not sure if this is my cup of tea. Thanks for an honest review.

  2. I'm excited to read this one. I remember these shootings... so scary. And I love love stories. :)

  3. I think this one sounds so good! Glad you liked it!

  4. I'm waiting for this book to go on sale! It has to cost less than $5.00, eventually...


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