Sunday, June 2, 2013

Giveaway Choice from list with arcs

What are your blogging pet peeves?

Book choices:
Life After Theft
Impostor (Variants, #1)

In Honor
Don't Breathe a Word
Nantucket Blue
Belonging (Temptation, #2)

Anthem for Jackson Dawes
The Rules for Disappearing
The Rules (Project Paper Doll, #1)

The Way We Fall
Panic by Draper (ARC)
Fat Angie (ARC)
Surface by Baskin (ARC)
Smashed by Luedeke
Survive by Morel
The Selection by Cass
Boy Project by Kinard
Want to Go Private
Me, him, them and It (ARC)
Empty by Walton (ARC)
Falling for You by Schroeder (ARC)
Beta by Cohn (ARC)
Send me a sign by Scmidt (ARC)
Anything but Ordinary (ARC)

Blkosiner's Book Blog Giveaway
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-Ends on 7/1/2013 11:59 pm EST

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  1. Thanks for the fun hop and giveaway! Ok... the only blogger pet peeve I have are memes. I follow a lot of blogs and I love bloglovin b/c it sends out 2x daily emails with all of the new posts. And when you go down that list and each blog has the *same* content, it gets a bit bleh. So I end up skipping/skimming a lot of good blogs, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays b/c there's no new/original content! What's the point of having 10-20 blogs *saying the exact same thing*? Anyways....

  2. This is a super tough question, I think my biggest blogging pet peeve is when a blogging page has so much things on it that it takes forever to load. I'm not the most patient person. Also captcha, I don' know if it's me but I swear they're getting more difficult to read! Thanks for sharing this great post with us! :)

  3. Great giveaway I am super excited. I don't have too many pet peeves really although I do hate endless reviews or bunched up text on a page where it's hard to read, I kinda skim after that. I also find it aggravating that when you ask a question on your blog and people comment on everything but the question asked. Oh well. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway and I hope you have a great week. I am hosting a meme tomorrow if you have the time to stop by. It's called From the Review Pile. If not hope you have a great week!

    Reese's @Reese's Reviews: MA2F

  4. I get annoyed when a blog is hard to navigate.

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  6. I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone reviews an ARC and posts their review MONTHS in advance. A) It makes me wish I could read it. B) I get disappointed when I see how long I have to wait to read it. and C)I usually tend to completely forget about the book by the time it comes out. Early publicity is great but when you do it 3-4 months early I'll forget. That may just be me, I'm not sure. I just know that in the span of a super early review and the actually release date, I've read over 100 reviews of other reviews, causing that book to go to the back of my mind.

  7. I am annoyed by really dark backgrounds and too many gadgets that make the page slow to load

  8. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I do not enjoy slow loading blogs and hard to read fonts and/or colors.

  9. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway! My pet peeve is when the content does not fit on the page correctly. Like if a banner is hanging off the side of the post or sidebar, I'm like "do they even care?" Probably tacky, but just me. LoL


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