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Her yesterday was five years ago. What will her tomorrow bring?

When HANNAH KRAEGER saves a family injured in a car accident, she has no idea she has changed events in the past. Waking the next morning, Hannah discovers her yesterday was really five years ago.

Each trip Hannah takes through time changes the timeline and her own life. With help from DR. SETH MCALLISTER, Hannah must unravel the mystery of why she time travels and who she actually is before the strange ability costs her future, the man she loves, and even her life.

YESTERDAY is a thrilling Christian Romantic Suspense filled with unexpected twists, mystery, and romance.


The Locket

Hannah suddenly finds that she has time travelled once again, but this time is different. After helping save a woman's life, Hannah discovers that she has completely altered the timeline and thrown her very existence into jeopardy.

Facing life-threatening effects upon returning to her own time, Hannah is then given a death sentence: if she time travels again, she will die. Now, Hannah must solve the clues to her own identity and find a way to save her own life before she is once again sent spiraling through time.

Will her mother's locket hold the key to both her past and her future? Has she just found the love of her life only to lose him? Could God have a plan for Hannah amidst the chaos?


amanda tAuthor Amanda Tru

Although I loved my job as an elementary school teacher, I am now very blessed to be mommy to three adorable little boys and living my dream of being an author.
I have a vivid imagination and have always been easily entertained by the stories in my head. Fortunately, I also love to paint those pictures with words. I like writing a wide variety of genres, and my current book list includes everything from a Christian time travel / romance series, to an action-packed suspense, to a romance involving a woman who likes to anonymously play matchmaker.

Although I enjoy historical, Christian, paranormal, suspense, and everything in between, my books all have one thing in common--I love to surprise my readers with the unexpected. I currently have 7 books available for kindle, nook, and paperback.

My family and I live in a small Idaho town where the number of cows outnumbers the number of people.

The Story Behind the Story
By Amanda Tru

When reading a book, I often wonder how the author got the idea for the story.  My Yesterday series is very unique.  There aren't many time travel / romantic suspense novels in the Christian sector.  The plot itself is very complex and interwoven.  As a reader, pay attention to every detail, because it will matter in some way!  So, how did I develop such a story? 
Though published later, Yesterday was the very first book I wrote.  It actually all began very simply, and I wanted to share a little of the story behind the story.

The Idea:

I wanted to do something special for my sister's birthday.  She loves to read, but tends to be very picky.  I'd always wanted to be an author, so I decided I would write her the first couple chapters of one of the many ideas I had for novels.  I mentioned my plan to my mom, but she thought I should just write a short story that my sister could read from beginning to end in one sitting.  But I didn't have any ideas for short stories.  And that drove me crazy.  

On my way home, I was driving down a long, straight road, and I was suddenly hit by a thought.  What if you were driving along and when you stopped you were in a different time from when you started?  No sensation that you had time travelled--just a drive that landed you at your destination, but in the wrong time.  And that was the kernel from which the plot began.

I originally wrote the first two chapters of Yesterday as a short story.  I ended it minus the cliffhanger, of course.  I let my other sister read it, and she really liked it.  But she said she wanted more.  She liked the characters and wanted the story to keep going.  She thought I should turn it into a book.  I was adamant.  This was a short story.  I had no idea how to turn it into a full novel.  And that drove me crazy.

As I thought about it, I began weaving a complex plot around that original short story.  Then I began writing it.  Many late nights later, I was once again talking to my mom, and I stated emphatically that, although I developed the short story into a novel, it was not going to be a series.  I had no idea how to turn it into a series.  And that drove me crazy. 

If I did want to turn it into a series, . . . how would I do it?

So, now I have very detailed plans for a series of six books, with the plot so interwoven that seemingly minor details from the first book have great significance in the later books.  (Okay, so I have an optional 7th and 8th as well, but those don’t count J)  Yesterday and The Locket are the first two books in this series.  So, that's it:  six books (maybe eight), but no more.  And no, THAT won't drive me crazy.  Well . . . maybe just a little.

Author Bio
With a lifelong love of reading and writing, Amanda Tru loves to let her imagination paint pictures in a wide variety of genres. Her current book list includes everything from a Christian time travel / romance series, to an action-packed suspense, to a romance involving a woman who likes to anonymously play matchmaker.
Amanda is a former elementary school teacher who now spends her days being mommy to three little boys and her nights furiously writing. Amanda lives in a small town in Idaho where the number of cows outnumbers the number of people.
Facebook:  I have both an author page and a ‘friend’ page. 
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Twitter:  @truamanda

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  1. Great guest post, and I actually hadn't heard of either of these books so thanks for sharing.

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    I type of have the same sensation with Shush, Shush. I really really like the sequence, but I still haven't gotten to the last two guides, but simultaneously I am not actually in a hurry to either.


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