Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kindle Fire Giveaway Sign-ups Authors and Bloggers

This is a joint giveaway for a kindle fire hosted on THIS blog. Several other tour groups and does these types of giveaways as well, but I am the host this time around. :)

 We all pitch in money, and in return for your spot, you get new followers and exposure for your book and blog. Elizabeth Isaacs said that she got over 900 likes from a previous giveaway

Each spot is $10, and each spot gains you a follow. You can choose: twitter, facebook, blog (no email subs though, gfc, bloglovin or linky), add your book on goodreads. You may buy as many spots as you'd like.

Payment is through paypal.

The first group is now full, but please keep signing up, I am working on 2nd Kindle fire giveaway group. The 2nd giveaway will go live when I get enough participants. I have 13/20 filled for Kindle Fire Giveaway #2

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  1. This sounds cool, I need to wait till July to do something like this, too many giveaways right now..LOL


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