Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Want to win Beautiful Darkness or Clockwork Angels?

Then hurry over and check out this awesome contest at The Here. The Now. And the books

Beautiful Clockwork ARC Contest! 

(reposted so make sure to enter at their site, not here!!!) 

It is time.Ultimate Summer ARC Contest is now underway!

First off, let me show you the PRIZES:

PRIZE ONE: CLOCKWORK ANGEL ARC with Vlad Tod Bag and swag.
PRIZE TWO: CLOCKWORK ANGEL ARC with Ghostgirl Bag and swag.

For PRIZE ONE and TWO you must create a video showing/explaining to me what you would do for a Clockwork Angel ARC.
I, along with Senfaye from A Maze of Books ,Kim from And Anything Bookish, and Emma from Don't Lose My Place! , will be judging the videos for creativeness and effort.

To submit videos send them here: readergirl321@aol.com
You must have name you want to be recognized as and email in entry. If you do not want your video posted, tell me, because I'll post winners and honorable mentions. Anything goes! Sing, dance, etc. ANYTHING. (Nothing graphic.)

For PRIZE THREE, I will use the point system:

+5 For Becoming a Follower
+3 For Already Being a Follower
+5 for making a blog POST for this contest
+10 for telling me why you want Beautiful Darkness
+2 for adding email

Add up points in the comments! And please give me the total points.
Contest is for everyone, everywhere! ;)

Contest ends June 25th!
So. What would YOU do for Clockwork Angel? ;)

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