Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To: HTML Blockquote or shaded text in quotes

I had a question today how I do blockquotes. Even if you don't know what it is called
If you are in HTML mode it looks like this

Blogger has the basic feature. It is called a blockquote. When you are in the edit post mode, there is a button that looks like quotation marks, and it is called quote. If you highlight what you want in the blockquote (mine is colored a darker green) and press quote, it will have it in a box. 
I have a custom design, so she created a special blockquote for my blog, but before I had that, I did a tutorial doing some edits with html. If you are comfortable with that,

So for example, my code looks like this:

To find your code, go to your template and click edit html

**DISCLAIMER** If you are not familiar with html, or even if you are, it is better to be safe than sorry before editing your code. Cut and copy  your code into word before you mess with it, or practice on a backup blog. Or both. I have never used it, but blogger also has a backup/restore option on your template page. **

Please don't use my colors and stuff. Customize for YOUR blog. 

Here is a site with the html codes for lots of colors so that you can change your background and text colors.

You can do a google image search for quote marks if you want, but please don't use mine, since it is Ashley's. And make sure you are not using a copyrighted image. 

Let me know if you have any questions or if I didn't explain something well enough. 

Good luck and happy blockquoting. 

Kimba also has a tutorial that may speak to you better:


  1. Nice you should check out my Blogger Tips and Tricks page on my blog..i share how to do this and so many other neat html tricks!

  2. Thanks so much, Brandi! Blogger used to color in the block quotes for me, but now it only highlights the words (which drives me absolutely c-r-a-z-y!). I've been going back to older posts, copying the code where the texts was highlighted, pasting it in the new post, and retyping what I wanted in there. This looks easier. :-)

  3. Oh I didn't know how to do this! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for the link to the blogging basics site. :) I used that and it totally helped/worked.

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