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Review: Apollyon (and mini review for Elixir) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Apollyon (Covenant, #4)
Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Fate isn’t something to mess with… and now, neither is Alex.
Alex has always feared two things: losing herself in the Awakening and being placed on the Elixir. But love has always been stronger than Fate, and Aiden St. Delphi is willing to make war on the gods—and Alex herself—to bring her back.
The gods have killed thousands and could destroy entire cities in their quest to stop Seth from taking Alex’s power and becoming the all-powerful God Killer. But breaking Alex’s connection to Seth isn’t the only problem. There are a few pesky little loopholes in the whole “an Apollyon can’t be killed” theory, and the only person who might know how to stop the destruction has been dead for centuries.
Finding their way past the barriers that guard the Underworld, searching for one soul among countless millions, and then somehow returning will be hard enough. Alex might be able to keep Seth from becoming the God Killer… or she might become the God Killer herself.
Publishes in US: April 9th 2013 by Spencer Hill Press
Genre: paranormal
Series? 4th in Covenant series, 1st is Half Blood 2nd is Pure, 3rd is Deityand the 5th Sentinel is late 2013.

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Elixir (Covenant, #3.5)
Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to save Alex.
Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for.
Even if it means making war against the gods.

Mini review for Elixir (find for free here) Buy it Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Book Depository

    Well, that was awesome, hot and sad all at the same time.
    Elixir is not a fluffy novel, it gives some important insights into Apollyon. I somehow, and I have no clue why, passed this one up and I shouldn't have.
     There were some things I couldn't connect what was going on, and decided it was probably found in Elixir, and I was right.
     It was quite a treat seeing things through Aiden's eyes, even though it was very emotional and he had to make some hard decisions. It was hard seeing Alex not as herself but it was great to see the power of his love and that it transcends so much.
    Great novella. Read this before Apollyon.

Blkosiner's Book Blog review Review of Apollyon

   As usual, Jennifer does NOT disappoint!
   It was so hard in the beginning when Alex was connect to Seth, and calling him "my Seth." She was so obviously not herself and that is not what I want for any person. I think that it is very important to be yourself and not change for anyone, especially a guy. I know that it was all the bond and supernatural forces, but it was still hard to read. I knew that it was coming but it was still hard to deal with.
   You could also so clearly see the love of Aidan for Alex in what he had to do to keep her safe. Being by her side day by day and watching her and listening her talk about Seth like he was the best thing since sliced bread. (You can get all of this from last book or the first chapter, so not really a spoiler.)
   But on to happier things, I love reading about them. Their connection is so pure, hot and epic. I want for Aiden to look at me like that, but I guess I will settle for him looking at Alex that way.
   The plot twists never fail to get me. I don't know how Jennifer can keep surprising me, but she does.  Her pacing is breakneck, and she always ends the stories in a way that leave me wanting to stalk her to find out what happens next. Though, the ending of this one is not quite as evil as previous stories. AND--We get the answer to some questions but then more just pop right up. I love reading this series, and will be so sad when it is over and I can no longer be in the head of Alex, and drool over Aidan.
    Needless to say, I was so glad when Alex was back to herself. She has matured so much but it didn't take away from who she is fundamentally, it just grows her and makes her better. She still kicks butt, still questions things not just accepting how things are, and she still loves those around her so fiercely.
   I feel so sorry for Seth and am so mad at him all at the same time. I understand that the power is seductive, but I just wish for the banter and the guy that I got to know in the previous books.
   Not only is the inside of the story every flavor of amazing, the covers always make me so happy. I could stare at them, and I am proud to have them on my bookshelf.
    I cannot recommend this series enough, if you haven't yet, get on the band wagon, it is a good one to be on.

Bottom Line: Amazing series, author and can't recommend it enough.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Have you ever been in a relationship where you didn't feel like yourself?


  1. I had the same issues with the 'My self' thing. I completely agree with everything you said! :) I just finished Apollyon a few days ago and my review of it will be up closer to the release date. This was an amazing read!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

    1. 'My Seth' I mean lol I was like OMG. But I've tried to give him a chance throughout the books, but he is not giving me much to go on.

    2. I know. This last one had me losing hope

  2. I have to read this series! I love the author's Lux series and I hear this one is just as good =)

    1. Yes, good in different ways, but I love both series.

  3. Hmm. I haven't read anything by this author, but this series sounds really good! I love when characters mature over time, and I also really like a lot of plot twists. But there is a point when it gets too ridiculous for me, LOL. Fabulous review, Brandi! (:

    In answer to your question, I don't think so. But I've been in very few, so it may happen yet. I hope not. o.O

    Megan@The Book Babe

    1. She is one of my faves, but I know that each person likes different things

  4. Both books sound like my kind of read, thanks for recommending.

  5. I'm glad you really liked these! I haven't read anything by her!

  6. I have Elixir but I'm waiting to read it until Apollyon comes out, because I know that I'll just want to continue the story. I've really become hooked on this series and I can't wait to see what happens next.

  7. Brandi I own both of these and I am dreadfully behind on this series..and I love JLA! So many books so little time. It's almost like I know they will be good, so i can wait..i know CRAZY right?!? awesome reviews!

    1. No, actually smart, because then you don't have to wait

  8. My library carries this series, but I haven't been able to get it. There are so many hold for them. Great reviews. I'll have to keep trying to get them. :D

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

    1. Smart library, but not the hold list. My library doesn't carry her.

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed these books so much and recommend the author. I definitely need to pick up the first one I have in this series which is sat on my kindle.

    Fabulous review! :)

  10. HI Brandi,
    I can't believe you got a copy of Apollyon! How did you do that? I just finished PURE and liked it much more than HALF BLOOD. I am onto Diety next. Thanks for the link to download Elixir free. I won't read it until I get Deity.
    Jess @ Fueled by Fiction

    1. The publisher sent it to me, but they aren't doing it for Sentinel

  11. When I see all your reviews about this author I know I need to try it! I will! Yes, I will one day!!!

  12. I'm so behind on this series which totally bums me out! I so love Aiden! Will read Elixer before Apollyon. Can't wait to get caught up and read them both. Need to read Deity next. So glad that Alex becomes herself again. Not looking forward to that, but it is to be expected.

  13. I haven't read any of her books except Obsidian but I hear these are really good! I can't wait to start them. Great reviews!

  14. Yaaay, I loved both Elixir and Apollyon, and needless to say, Aiden was SO amazing in both. My review is scheduled for later this week, there's so much love to share!
    Great review. :) Can't wait for the final book.

  15. Thank you for letting us know that it would be helpful to read Elixir before reading Apollyon.

    Hmm... interesting question that you had for us today... I guess if I didn't feel like myself, it could be because I had been wanting the other person to like me more than I liked myself. It's like giving away my power to another person - didn't like the feeling - it's kinda icky. Bet I now have to read the book to find out how Alex handles the situation. Thank you for sharing, Brandi :)

  16. I have not read this series -- maybe this summer!

    Jen @ YA Romantics

  17. I went to Books a Million and they didn't have Deity....arggh.

    Yes, I have been in a relationship that I wasn't myself and ended up dumping the guy. It was too much work to be someone else!

  18. I read the first book and enjoyed it okay. I didn't LOVE it, but I liked it. I still haven't read the second one though. I do have it so I need to get busy!

  19. Great reviews. I adored Elixir and Apollyon was just so perfect

  20. My friend sent me the first books in this series, and I've been dying to find time to read them. Your great reviews have motivated me to make the time! I can't wait to get caught up and read Apollyon! Thanks for sharing. Happy Reading! ;)

  21. Yeah, I really need to read these! Half Blood has been on my TBR for so long. Glad you weren't disappointed!

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  22. Oh jeez, this series!! Every time I read a review for it, it's always SO positive and exciting that it makes me want to read it so bad! Hopefully I can find time someday. Because intense, thrilling, and hot? Who could ask for more!

  23. Oh, this series gives me ALL the feels! "I want for Aiden to look at me like that, but I guess I will settle for him looking at Alex that way." <----YES, this is exactly how I feel while reading pretty much every Covenant novel. Love this review!!

  24. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. And you are correct, Jennifer can never disappoint! She is beyond amazing. I adore both Alex and Aiden, and I also enjoy that you can clearly see the love they have for each other. Very real.
    I'm not much of a Seth fan, but I also started feeling sorry for him when I read Apollyon.

    Great Review!!!

    Magen Corrie
    ~Corrie the Book Crazed Girl


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