Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What should I read next?

What's Next by Iceybooks
What Hafsah has to say:

If you're anything like me, you'll know its very hard to choose your next read - particularly when you have a review/reading pile as big as your bed... or head.
With that thought in mind, What's Next was born. What's Next will be a weekly feature here on IceyBooks, and you can participate!
Here's how it works (for those of you who want to participate):
-Every Thursday, starting tomorrow, select three-five books (not too many, not too little!) that you want to read but can't decide which one to read first.
-Post the cover, and if you want, the synopsis, the first line, or even a random line from the book, for each of your selections.
-At the end of your post, ask readers to vote on which one you should read next!
Even if you don't end up reading your readers' top choice, you'll know what the majority is excited for.
Here's my choices:
Mara Dwyer

Under the Never Sky

Fault in the Stars

Wait for You by J. Lynn

  • Mara Dwyer
  • Under the Never Sky
  • Fault in the Stars
  • Wait for You by J. Lynn
More polls: Ögonlaser


  1. I picked Under the Never Sky. I hope to read that one soon myself. Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. I picked TFiOS-- I wasn't a big fan myself, but I'm interested to see your thoughts on it, Brandi. I agree with Suzanne, though! Whatever you choose, I do hope you enjoy it! (:

  3. I voted for Veronica Rossi because I love that series more than I can put into words, but The Fault in Our Stars would be a very good choice too. They have the most votes anyway. :)

  4. These are all on my TBR list too -- I'm not sure what I will read next probably Wait for You or Mara Dyer

    Eva @ All Books Considered

  5. I voted Rossi, but Mara Dyer is pretty good as well :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  6. I voted for Under the Never Sky because it's a favorite of mine! But I know everyone loves Fault in our Stars and Mara Dyer. I just haven't read mine yet!


  7. I've only read Under the Never Sky out of those books, but I would vote for it no matter what. I love that series!

  8. I picked Fault in our Stars, even though I haven't read it, it's high on my list!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  9. Ohhhhh...so many amazing choices! But I voted for Wait For You by J. Lynn. You know how much I LOVED that book and I just know you will fall in love with Can and Avery and Jennifer's NA genre! I can't wait to see what you think of it once you pick it up! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  10. I picked Under the Never Sky-slow start but totally worth it!

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  13. I keep voting for Under the Never Sky lol, it's still not too late to join the last discussions for the YA blogger book club! I've also heard good things about Fault in the stars but I still haven't read it

    1. LOL. I know. I think it won. I will read in the car though, I am not good at spreading out reading for book club :)

  14. These are all fabulous choices, but I have to vote for TFIOS; it's amazing! Hope you enjoy whatever you end up reading. :-)

  15. I vote for The Fault in Our Stars, because it is just so so so amazing :) It's sweet and funny and sad and heartbreaking. It's just really, really perfect, and I think you would love it :) Happy reading :D

    1. I am on the waitlist at the library, I didn't realize it would be so long since it has been out for a bit.


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