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Review: Echoes of Us by Kat Zhang

 Echoes of Us (The Hybrid Chronicles #3) by Kat Zhang
To change the world, I may lose everything
All Eva ever wanted was the chance to be herself. But in the Americas, to be hybrid—to share your body with a second soul—is not tolerated past childhood. Now Eva and Addie, her sister soul, are constantly on the move, hiding from the officials who seek to capture them. But the tide is changing. A revolution is brewing, and people are starting to question the hybrids' mistreatment.
Then Marion, an ambitious reporter, offers Eva and Addie a daring proposal: If they go undercover and film the wretched conditions of a hybrid institution, she will not only rescue them, she'll find a way to free Jackson, the boy Addie loves. It's risky, and Eva will have to leave Ryan and her friends behind, but if she succeeds, it could also tip the scales forever and lead to hybrid freedom.
As Eva and Addie walk into danger, they cling to each other and the hope of a better future. But the price they might pay is higher than they ever could have imagined.


Publishes in US: September 16th 2014 by HarperCollins
Genre: ya dystopia/paranormal
Source: Harper Teen
Series? The Hybrid Chronicles #3
My Reviews:
#1 What's Left of Me
# 2 Once We Were

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    I wanted to read this one because I have enjoyed Addie and Eva in the previous series.

     Going in I really didn't remember a whole lot of this one. With the hybrids there were double the characters to remember and besides Addie and Eva I didn't remember the other ones really. Besides Jackson and  Ryan I remember the romance with them. But I quickly got back into the action and started to pick up pieces of what I'd forgotten.

    Its pretty apparent the sister bond with Addie and Eva. Even though they've learned to give each other their own time they also had to learn in the last one the power of them working together. That continues to be a theme in this one as they're sent on a mission to record the environment in the facilities. I was nervous for them going back in but I knew that they were brave and that they would do anything to expose what was going on inside.

   I enjoyed the end of the series, it an ending that I didn't think would be possible.
There were many surprises and twists that I never saw coming. Losses and victories that made the story believable and and.ending of hope for the hybrids and the possibility of peace and balance for Addie and Eva.

Bottom Line: Good series ending, I was satisfied with the character development and plot resolution.

My question to you, my lovely readers:
Do you think you could be in a relationship if you shared a body with someone else?


  1. The first few chapters of the first book confused me. :/ So much so that I wasn't able to continue reading it. Glad you enjoyed it, though!

  2. From your review I gather that the author did a fab job with her recap which is aces in my books. I rarely have time to re-read previous installments, so I NEED that all important catch-up chapter. I most certainly do not think I could be in a relationship if I shared a body with someone else. It'd be too weird!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  3. Carmel and I seem to be on the same blog path today! How fun!

    Anyway, I dislike super neat endings esp in fantasy because it's just impossible to win all throughout. So I agree with the balance of win and loss, war in every shape and form has collateral.

  4. I read the first book when it came out, but haven't continued the series. I am curious to see how it all ends.

  5. I'm always anxious about the end of a series but it's nice it was well done and you were surprised.

  6. I'm glad you got into this world quickly and didn't have to reread the previous books to remind yourself some things. I love a good sister bond story and this one seems so unique that I really want to give this series a try! So happy to hear that you likes the ending to this series, Brandi!

  7. Even though it seems that it took you a little to get into this, that you enjoyed how it all wrapped up! Fab review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  8. Sounds like a series well worth keeping in mind.

    Seasons greetings. x

  9. So glad the ending worked! I love it when you can be surprised yet still feel it was believable. Great review :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  10. I read the first book in this series and loved it but I just never continued on with it :( Now I'm starting to regret that. Love that this one worked for you. I'll have to give it another go!

  11. I heard about this series but didn't really have the feeling that I want to read it :D but happy you enjoy it :D

  12. This might be the ending to the series, but it sounds like a good conclusion to it. And even though you didn't remember the previous books so much you were still able to get the main gist that was necessary to enjoy the books :) I like sound of a sweet and sincere romance.

  13. That's how I felt about book two...That I couldn't remember enough so it made it hard to get into it with the double characters. I probably would have enjoyed more and continued if I read them all back to back.


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