Friday, April 26, 2013

Commenting System Poll

I have toyed with the idea of using a new commenting system and after seeing Kimberly's post about it today (go check it out, good info and comments).
Just wondering what my readers thought? Would you like a way to know if I respond to your comment? Do you prefer one type of commenting utility? Do you have anything against any of them? Would you comment more less or the same if I switched to Disqus?

  • Yes
  • no
  • don't care
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  • more
  • less
  • same
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  1. I'm a fan of the Disqus commenting system, although I don't use it (I'm going to switch to WP hopefully soon). Although occasionally I do have problems with comments loading with Disqus.

  2. i wouldn't comment less with disqus i use it sometimes and i'm starting to get used to it but i do hate the new google+ systeme because you can't choose the pseudo you want

  3. Change or do not change. There are good things and bad things. The bad things, if I clear my history I have to log in again, that can be a pain. But then yes you do get those emails if your comment has been answered. But also like above commenter, I have problem with it loading

  4. I'm a fan of Disqus, because I feel like when I comment (like on Kimberly's blog) it posts a lot more quickly. But I've heard stories of people's disqus not loading, and then it seems like they've lost all their comments. I'm not sure what's best. I'll keep commenting regardless of the medium though. :-)

  5. It's funny that you did this post today. I've been thinking about switching to Disqus myself, and I was going to do a 'what do you think' post of my own this weekend! :)Between this and Kimberly's post today, I'm just about convinced!

  6. I have Disqus on the blog now and like it for the most part. Yep some people do have trouble with it but Disqus has a pretty good help section and customer service and things can usually be fixed pretty easily so they can comment.

    And I love that you know when someone has replied. It's brought people back to the blog to actually have chats about the topic instead of commenting and then forgetting to come back and check for a reply.

    One thing. If you do use it. All your past comments on posts will unstack themselves. That drives me nuts. So if you've replied directly under someone's comment when you switch over it undoes that and all comments/replies to posts before are now done in the order they were posted time-wise. Kills the bit of OCD in me.

    Isn't it amazing how fast some books come out?! I saw so many last time I went in that I didn't realize were here too :)

    And oh my word. You are not alone. Those Trade size books drive me nuts!

    herding cats & burning soup

  7. Disqus is a far from perfect comment system, but it's still a hundred times better than blogger's, imo. I like that I can edit my comments and it sends me a notice when someone replies to my comment.I can't guarantee that I'd comment more, but yes, I think switching would be a great idea.

  8. I personally don't care what system i have to use as I have an account with each one. I will say that the new Google + one I've been seeing kind of irritates me a bit, but it still works fine.

  9. I still don't understand the differences, on blogs with Disqus I still have to click on that post to be reminded of future comments, just like with blogger comments. Maybe there's something I missed, so it will email me everytime without me clicking the link on every post

  10. I use wordpress/jetpack, but I did add Commentluv, so I am going give a try and see if it works. I'm not sure about Disqus. It I don't like CommentLuv, I might have to try it. I guess it really what your preference is, I will comment no matter you use. :D

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  11. As long as you don't use Captcha, I don't care. I will say that Disqus has a habit of eating my comments at various blogs and it frequently is slow to load.

  12. I may be in the minority here, but I really hope everyone does not switch to Disqus. I leave a lot of comments. Some of them might be worthy of reply but most are just brief comments and I really don't feel the need to get an email back from the blogger to prove that they answered me. And then am I supposed to answer that answer?
    If I start getting an email back from every comment I leave, I'll go crazy :)

  13. There are so many commenting systems out there - I don't really care as long as I don't have to put in captcha. I think it is the blog owners responsibility to filter out spam or to get a plugin that will do it for you. I HATE captcha. I type fast but those captcha images just funk with my eyes

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