Monday, May 18, 2015

It's not you: It's me: Emancipated by M. G. Reyes

Emancipated by M. G. Reyes
The good girl, the bad boy, the diva, the hustler, the rock star, and the nerd. Six teens legally liberated from parental control for six different reasons, all with one thing in common: something to hide.
Now they’re sharing a house in Venice Beach, acting like a family, and living their lies. No parents. No limits. No alibis. One witnessed a crime, another might be a murderer—and one’s been spying on them all.
As they cling to a fantasy of freedom and slowly let down their guards, the past creeps up on them. And when one of them gets arrested, everyone’s carefully constructed facade comes crumbling down.
In this steamy, drama-filled series, relationships are tested and secrets revealed as lies threaten to destroy their perfect setup.

Publishes in US: May 26th 2015 by Katherine Tegen Books
Genre: ya contemp
Source: Harper Teen via Edelweiss
Series? no

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Stopped at 11%

     I have done this several times on my blog. Books that just don't work for me. I know my reading style pretty well, and I can tell whether I will like the book or not accurately about 80-90% of the time. If I finish a book, then there are aspects of that book that I enjoyed. I never talk about the author in a negative way, I only say what doesn't work for me. Normally if I finish a book, I give it at least 3 stars, meaning that I liked it. 

    I wanted to read Emancipated because I like contemps and the idea of the teens with different backgrounds but all essentially removed from their families. I wanted to know what led them there and find out about their stories. But the multiple shifting POV did not work for me. 

    That isn't to say that the writing is poor or the characters are poorly constructed, it's personal on my end.

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