Monday, August 2, 2010

Do you want Low Red Moon? (and more books for swap/trade)

Do you want to swap books? I would be interested in future trades too. I have:
Low Red Moon
Night World Series
signed Perfect Chemistry
My aunt has and will be finishing:
The Mark (jen nadol)
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

I haven't finished yet, but can move up my TBR
Rising Shadow
Sing me to sleep
Tell me a secret

Here are some of the books I want:
Torment, Clockwork Angels, Girl next Door, Blindsided, Almost to Die for,  Sleepless, Book of Love, Crave, My invisible boyfriend, Stork, Second Hand Heart, Wicked Girls, Mockingbirds, The Mark Bunderson, A Blue so Dark, Delcroix Academy, Paranormalcy, Tell me a Secret, High before Homeroom, Outside of a horse, Numbers 2, Wereling, Angel Star, Birthmarked, Betrayal, and Forget-her-nots


  1. i dont have any of those...Beautiful Dead-not Dead Beautiful-havent heard of Dead Beautiful...hmm

  2. Darn. I wouldn't mind reading the Night World series. I've heard a lot about it.

    I don't have any of the books you want though. What about "Other" by Karen Kincy? Or "Nomansland" by Lesley Hauge? I do have a copy of Fallen but it's not for trade. XD

    Good luck! (I really want to read "A Blue So Dark" too! :D)



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