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Review: Girl next door by Castrovilla

The Girl Next DoorThe Girl Next Door by Selene Castrovilla

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" In THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, two teens are forced to make some very grown-up decisions when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Sixteen year old Samantha has been best friends with seventeen year old Jesse since she moved into the New York high-rise apartment next door to his thirteen years ago. Jesse is their school's poster child for popularity: good-looking, a star athlete, even Romeo in the school play. On opening night he collapses on stage. That's when doctors discover the unthinkable: a tumor on his spine. His type of cancer is virtually incurable – 97% of those diagnosed die within ten months.

Jesse shuts down, refusing to see most of his friends. He submits to treatments of chemo and radiation, but he doesn't possess hope. Sam is the one person he’ll talk to. He convinces his mom to let her sleep in another bed in his room, saying he's afraid to die alone.

That’s when Jess and Sam make a startling, bittersweet discovery: they’ve been in love all along.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR addresses the universal question: In an unpredictable world, how can we possibly feel safe?"

**My rating: 4 of 5 stars**

*My short but sweet review*

This is a type of story that I love and devour. The main characters Sam and Jesse are well written, and the plot is well paced. I am able to understand where Sam is coming from and it is an adventure to watch how they deal with these life altering circumstances.
Their relationship is touching and though I would only recommend this for older teens and adults because of sexual references and action (which seems a bit excessive to me at times which is why I deducted a star), it is feasible that it could really be two teens dealing with emotions, hormones, and a tough hand that life has dealt them.
I like that Sam's mom is loving and understanding. She realizes that this is a unique situation and supports her daughter and her and Jesse's love. She is present and trying her best. I also like that though Jesse's mom has a terminal child and a husband that left her, she is finally able to break through her own pain and sorrow and finally be there for her son. It is a difficult road for her to get there, but at least it is not a case of a completely absent parent. Maria is also a great addition- adding extra support for Jesse, and some humor thrown in.

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  3. Great review! Wow, this sounds really touching ...

  4. Great review - I want to read this book, but I think it is too depressing for me.


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