Sunday, October 3, 2010

24 hour Read-a-thon and Mini- challenge


Dewey's 24 hour Read-a-thon is coming!!! It begins Oct 9th, 8am EST and there are many ways to participate. You can be a reader or a cheerleader (I think it is too late to sign up to host a mini-challenge, but you can participate in one. Each host will provide prizes--including yours truly!)
You can sign up to be a reader here (You don't actually have to read the whole time, just do what you can-- it is meant to be fun!!), and/or a cheerleader here (Minimum one hour, commenting and visiting blogs- there is a prize pack for this group)

My mini-challenge will go up 3pm EST and end 5pm, and I have a huge list of books to choose from-- Here it is:
Choice of one:
(books US only)
Undone Brooke Taylor
Fallen Lauren Kate
The Mark Jen Nadol
Night World 1-3
Dark of the Moon
Shadow of the Moon
In a heartbeat
Flyaway Lucy Christopher
Rising Shadow
Betrayal by Shields
Angel Star
Almost to die for
Karma Bites
The Duff
Ghost and the Goth
Still the one by wells
How to ruin your boyfriend's reputation
Beautiful Malice signed
Dead Until Dark
Over the moon by Daniels
She's so dead to us
Forgive my fins
fragile eternity
other by kincy
lost for words
Penitence by Laurens
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
Angels in Pink: raina's story
Girl in the Arena
Emily Louder than words

$5 Amazon gift card (If you can order from or or then you are eligible for this prize)

I am excited!! Are you??


  1. Yes I am excited, though I am just reading, I wonder how far I'll get? This is definitely a great thing!!

  2. oh man! I wish I could participate, but the readathon falls on my birthday. And I already have plans :( Will vow to do the next one though.

  3. I never participate in readathons because they scare me lol But best of luck!

  4. Ah, I wish I had time to sign up for this. It sounds quite amazing. Have fun with it.

  5. Grief, is it that time of year already? Best wishes to you and all others who take part.

  6. WOW.. I've not done a readathon. I am afraid I will disappoint myself. lol

    I posted the answer to your tattoo question on my blog in comments. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. I just decided to join this as well! I look forward to checking out your mini-challenge.


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