Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need some creative help

So I am getting a new rating system (whole blog re-design actually) from Ashley

But we're a little stuck. I was thinking witch hats for my rating system and using these

5/5 Cast it's spell on me
4/5 Bewitching
2/5 double bubble I had some trouble
1/5 not my broomstick

Does anyone have ideas for 3/5 or something you think would work better for another number. Or an idea for title?
Level of witchiness is all I've got, and I know there is something better!


  1. Magical for 3/5. I don't know. Just an idea.

  2. 5/5 should be "Cast its spell on me" (no apostrophe). Just so you know. :)

    3/5... Let's see... How about something like "Charming"? Because "the third time's the charm". Or maybe "Threefold magic"... but that's probably more positive than 3/5 implies.

  3. Yeah, for 3 I was going to say "brewing in the cauldron." Not sure about a title though...

  4. something wicked this way comes...

  5. or maybe "kinda crafty" or "an average brew" or "passable potion" and last one "hum-drum hocus pocus" lol

  6. I need a new rating system, too. Sadly, I don't have an ideas of my own.

    I really liked Donna's idea of "an average brew", I actually laughed when I read it :)

  7. I must say I love the something brewing bit. It implies that while not a wow read, there's definitely something there that doesn't make the book altogether unreadable. I so need a proper rating system too - I've just been so busy and admittedly very lazy as well (Gosh, is that even possible?).

  8. I like Donna's suggestion! I am really bad at these things, so I won't make any suggestion. I a looking forward to your new blog design.


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