Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Appointment with a Stranger by Jean Thesman

Appointment with a Stranger by Jean Thesman
 "Deeply self-conscious about her severe asthma attacks, high school student Keller Parrish finds solace in the company of an attractive but mysterious boy at a remote pond, unaware that he is an insubstantial echo of a forty-year-old tragedy."
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Published July 1991

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This is a quick and easy read. While it was good, and the characters were pretty well developed for novel length, something was missing for me. There is nothing overtly wrong with this book except that I wish that I didn't know from the beginning that he was a ghost. I don't know if that would have made it any different.
I also really liked Drew, he is funny, caring and persistent, and I know if she would have chosen him off the bat, there wouldn't really have been a story, but I favored him the whole time, and wish that I knew for certain rather than hinting that she at least gave him a chance.
This is reminiscent of Lurlene McDaniel, so if you enjoy that kind of read, I would give it a go.

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