Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book Swap Saturday

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If you are interested in any of my books, leave a comment or email at
and let me know which book you are interested in and what you want to trade for.

Here are books I have to trade: (Check out my reviews by title page, I have reviewed most of these)

Personal Demons by Lisa Derochers
You Wish by Hubbard
Fallen by Lauren Kate
Dark of the Moon by Hawthorne
Shadow of the Moon by Hawthorne
In a heartbeat by Ellsworth
Flyaway Lucy Christopher
Rising Shadow by Wheeler
Forbidden by Suzuma
Blindsided by Cummings
Betrayal by Shields
Angel Star by Murgia
Karma Bites by Kramer and Thomas
Still the one by wells
How to ruin your boyfriend's reputation
Beautiful Malice signed
Dead Until Dark
Over the moon by Daniels
She's so dead to us
fragile eternity
lost for words by Kuniper
Firespell by Neill
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
Angels in Pink: raina's story by McDaniel
Girl in the Arena
Emily Louder than words
Hannah- louder than words by Hannah Westberg
Eternal ones
How it ends by wiess
Along the River (arc)
The Ruby Notebook (arc)
Old Magic by Curley
The Butterfly Effect
Kissed by an Angel: Power of Love
Hanging on to Max
13 is too young to die
Is my Sister Dying
Born Blue by Nolan
The Breakable Vow Clarke
Many Waters
Forever in Blue: The 4th summer of the sisterhood

Shipping to US only!

Here are some of the books I want: (open to other offers)
Broken Lake, Original Sin, Wake Unto Me, My invisible boyfriend, Stork, Mockingbirds, High before Homeroom, Outside of a horse, Numbers 2, Wereling, Birthmarked, Portal and Equilibrium, Blue Moon by Julia Green, Exposed, The Sight, The tension of opposites, The view from the top, Extraordinary Secrets of April, Playing Hurt, Wither, The Locket, No and Me, Girl Saves boy, Haven, Summer of Skinny Dipping, Lifted, Plague, Seers of Light, Falling Under, Finding Sky, Entangled, Bleeding Violet, and Forget-her-nots


  1. Hi! I have A Light Beneath Ferns that I would love to trade for Betrayal by G. Shields and an arc of This Gorgeous Game I would love to trade for Amy and Roger's Epic Detour. I will email you as well! Thanks
    Jennifer @ Extreme Reader Book Reivews

  2. Thanks for joining my new meme, Brandi! I'm sure it will start out slow, but hopefully will grow over the next few weeks. I plan to post it every saturday, so stop back next week if you like :)



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